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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh shoot, that reminds me, there are piles of wet clothes in the car

We had to be out of the house for a few hours this afternoon while our agent held an open house, so we ran over to fix a problem with the sprinklers at the new place. In the process, the girls got drenched. Hmmmm, “got” isn’t really the right word, it kind of implies that something happened *to* them, and that is not at all the case. They were the ones who ran screaming through the sprinklers, rolled on the lawn yelling that it was raining, chased each other through the puddles and slid down the slippery wet slide (over and over). Yeah. They looked like drowned rats.

Since we couldn’t go home to change after the drenching, TubaDad went to get a haircut (I swear he gets those few little hairs cut about every two weeks) and I took Ro and Ree to Target to buy some new dry outfits. (You just know my arm had to be twisted to go buy little girl clothes at Target, heh heh.) Anyhow, we changed in the back of the van, and then, newly garbed in what were really cute little printed tops and grey leggings, we looked around for what else could kill an hour. And toe-painting won by a mile. Trotted over to a local nail place, ordered a pedi for me and two “kid specials” for the girls (for $5 they get filing, color, and a decoration).

They adored it. First professional nail painting at 4 and 3/4. Hee! I’m pretty sure I was in my thirties before I had a professional pedi.


TubaDad wandered in at one point and looked a little lost surrounded by the sea of estrogen so I tossed him the purse cam and said “Here, take a picture or two, then you can escape outside and get a diet coke or something.”



Once Ro and Ree were all fancied up, the tiny stylist chairs were the perfect perch to watch a little iPad movie and wait for mama to get beautiful. Please excuse the aforementioned drowned-rat hair. I didn’t have a comb in the car, so they got finger-scraped-back tails.IMG_3408LR2

Sweet babes enjoyed the experience very much, and I really appreciated that this salon offers an affordable fun option for mini babes. Ro chose hot pink with flowers and Ree chose electric blue with flowers. Oh, and I have cherry red with flowers.  DSC_8878LR

Little cuties!DSC_8884LR

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is looking pretty dang good too!


  1. But... but pedicures require allowing someone else to actually touch your FEET. (Can you tell I am not a fan?) Then again, y'all do look VERY cute. Maybe, just maybe I'll give myself a pedicure this week. You know, because no one else is allowed to touch my feet. (Not even my husband.)

  2. Anonymous9/13/2010

    is the new neon yellow cast waterproof too?! that makes it even more awesome.

    love the new outfits! the girls are just too cute. :)

  3. When are we going to get to see the new abode?!

  4. Looks fun & relaxing, that's something I've never done, but great idea to take the girls too.
    Their little piggies look fabulous and the "just so happened" water drenching cracks me up.

  5. LOL on the wet clothes! It was hot at Sea World yesterday so I let Evan just get drenched in his clothes at the "fountain" thing in the kids area. I learned that changing from wet clothes to the spare outfit (luckily it was the 2-year-old--I don't carry spare clothes for the 5-year-old!) is much less of a hassle than putting on a bathing suit and then changing back. But I have gone out and bought clothes in similar situations. ;)

    Sure wish we had a pedi place with a $5 kids special. When Martina was 3 or 4 I let her get a mani with me on my bday, and they charged the whole amount.

  6. i just had a pedi the day before going to AZ.... ran home afterwards and grabbed Tate for a little polish action also.

    She is in love with her pink painted toes.

  7. Anonymous9/13/2010

    We like blue toenails at our house too! Jamie

  8. I have spoiled all future pedicure "get-aways" for myself since taking Maya with me a few months ago. She'd give me the evil eye if I dared to get one without her now! It's fun, though, and I enjoy our bonding girlie moments!

  9. You got three sets of cute toesies there! Have a great week. Can't wait to see your new digs.

  10. Ree looks so grown up in that last picture by the fireplace--don't know how you can stand it!! They have a mini-pedi chair for kiddos where I get my nails done--complete with a teddy bear headrest and an attached DVD player--fun!

  11. Kristina9/13/2010

    Very cool beautiful toes!! I am in the no touching zone club (no pedis and no massages!) so Miss Savannah will have to go with her Grandma!

    Miss you guys and wishing you buyers soon!;)

  12. So cute! What a fun way to spend an afternoon! Splashing like crazy in the water, shopping and pedis? Ah yes, a perfect day!

    Adorable little monkey toes! :o)

  13. Anonymous9/14/2010

    Very fun!

    Tess just had her second one this past weekend while we were in Phoenix, and had an hour to kill.

    I think I've created a monster - beware!

  14. love, love, love pedis!
    its my one beauty vice! can't wait until my little one is old enough to join me... guess I can wait 3 more years :-)

  15. Oh my goodness! Fun times! I can not wait to do that with my gal! Next time you gotta put Tuba Dad in that chair for a little pedi...I'll put money on it that he'll be in heaven and do it again!