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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ooooo, I found the niftiest little sandwich maker

Ro and Ree have only recently started eating sandwiches, but they are already huge crust snobs. If even a hint of darker brown edging remains, the sandwich is heartlessly rejected. Whatever... can’t really say I blame them because (shhhh, don’t tell) I don’t like the crusts either.

So when I found this funky little KrustBuster Sandwich Maker, I HAD to order it immediately. And now that I’ve tested it out on our extremely discriminating four-year-old foodies, I’m happy to report that it got four thumbs up (six, if you count mine).

This little thing rocks! It cuts off the crusts and seals the edges, turning out something similar to Smucker’s Uncrustables:DSC_9005LR

Just put in your bottom slice of bread (the gummier the better, so something like Wonder Bread works perfectly). Add your toppings like PBJ or salami and cheese or whatever (I center the stuff and kind of leave the edges clean). Then add your top piece of bread and squeeze. (Ro and Ree love this part and fight for squeezing rights).

Peel the crusts off over the trash can (or birdfeeder or dog’s mouth):DSC_9033LR

And voila, you have a perfect little packet o’ sandwich with crust-free, sealed-up edges:DSC_9030LR

If you feel like decorating it, the kit also comes with cute suction cup shapes. Just pick one out and stick it to the inside top before closing the KrustBuster.DSC_9047LR

The girls had salami and provolone sandwiches today along with Japanese rice crackers and mini heirloom tomatoes on picks. They ate every crumb.DSC_9038LRPSLR


PS: TubaDad says he has fixed my email problems, so the rogue spammer/virus will no longer be able to use my account to send links for Canadian pharmacies and male drugs and whatnot. Let’s hope!


  1. Cool! It's funny that you posted that because I just bought something similar for my kids at the grocery store. I can now cut my son's sandwich into two crust-free train halves and my daughter's into two crust-free butterfly halves.



  2. Anonymous9/22/2010

    I'm not into wasting food: Save the crusts and dry them for bread crumbs!

  3. thankyouthankyouthankyou.....I am so tired of cutting crusts off. I just ordered one.

  4. Oh! We need this! It looks like it 'seals' the sandwich too. Does it?

    I've been using cookie cutters but there's so much of the sandwich that is wasted so I think this is much better.

    So, what's inside? :)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  5. Dear Anonymous: Please post your address so I can send you my bread crumbs. ;)

  6. Anonymous9/22/2010

    I have to say, I look at the food you prep for you kids and think, "Wow, this mom has waaay to much time on her hands!"

  7. Oh my gosh the previous comment seriously cracked me up. Dear Anon: have you met a twin mom yet who had any extra time on her hands?!

  8. AmyinTexas9/22/2010

    I was just thinking the other day, "darn, I need something that will make it like the uncrustables without having to buy the uncrustables." And voila... here we go. Thank you!!

  9. So cool! At this point Hannah still likes crusts but I'm sure my day is coming. Might need to order me one of those!

  10. Anonymous9/22/2010

    You can look on Ebay and find some neat cutters that also seal the bread. They have some shaped like bears, I think. It's under the Bento category.

    Elaine M.

  11. You know, I don't like crust either, so it is funny when I get annoyed that I that I forgot to take Matt's crust off and he won't eat it. I have to remind myself, why I am getting annoyed I don't like crust either, it is just crust.
    I love the product I am going to go look for one right now.

  12. Recently moved from the US to Hong Kong. Guess what you can buy at the grocery store??? Crustless bread!!! My kids still hate crust so this has been fabulous!!!

  13. Anonymous9/22/2010

    I had to laugh when I was reading your description on pressing the sandwich maker over a dog's mouth. I just have this image of a dog expecting a reaaally good meal (aka whole sandwich w/ all the fixin's) and wind up w/ just strings of crusts instead!

    On the side note, I LOVE the crust..but this gadget is quite cool. I want to try to do the pressing mEself!

  14. Just how did you know that I needed Viagra??? :)

  15. I have another friend that was hacked like you were, and her hacker sent me the same link that your hacker sent. She's been hacked twice now.

  16. Love it, we don't have one of those (yet).

    Should you & the girls make it back to the much-better-than-Dallas Japanese stores, would you possibly mind picking up a set of picks and I could PP you? Our giraffe went down the garbage disposal and it was a very sad day. :o(

  17. In the UK you can buy crustless bread, cut out the middle step!


  18. Anonymous9/23/2010

    your lunch ideas inspire me, thank you!

  19. (Who are these anonymous people who have no clue?...sheesh.)

    So, I totally love this new gadget and must have one. Our girl has stopped eating bread altogether (it started with the crusts). I'm hoping this will get her back into bread.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Fabulous! And I am keeping my fingers crossed at the virus cleanup!

  21. Mary Joyce actually loves crusts. If she has a plain piece of bread, she will eat the crust first. Katherine, on the other hand, does not. She was literally peeling her bread at lunch time today.

  22. Anonymous9/23/2010

    I think this gadget is the best! My girls eat the crust ages 4&7yrs! I want it for ME! :)

    @Donna~ too funny!

    M3~ with all your spare time would you? Could you? Make something with those crumbs! You have nothing but time on your hands!So kidding! ha

    Kim E

  23. Anonymous9/23/2010

    This gadget is so cool! The whole point of it is to SAVE time. One quick swish and the sandwich is ready.

    I have a picky eater who will not eat crust, and belive me, many sadwiches get "rejected" due to me rushing and leaving a smidgen of crust. then I have to take it back and delicately perform more crust removal for another inspection. This has the bonus of a cute animal face too!


  24. Nemeka9/24/2010

    Just say NO to Wonderbread (or any white bread for that matter!) Yurg!

  25. I thought of you while I was making my sandwich for work today...

    since your girls (and you lol) dont like crust on your bread, these would be right up your alley...

    At my grocery store they sell "sandwich thins" and its just a circle shaped thin piece of bread, no crust and they are frickin amazing!! My fav. flavor is the Honey Whole Wheat!!

    Just an idea!

  26. Anonymous9/25/2010

    The new sandwich thins taste amazing. I esp. love the Earth Grains and the Peppridge Farm ones. There is no crust and they are thinner and my son really likes his sandwiches on them. Now they make them for hot dogs, too. Also, Pampered Chef sells a round shaped tool that cuts off crust and seals the bread. I have one of those! And, I think you do an AMAZING job of preparing and being creative with your girl's food! You are very inspirational! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  27. That sandwhich press is so cute!! I usually use cookie cutters for Sarah's sandwhiches. I have special ones for the holiday seasons, but I also have some fun shapes and characters too. Keeps it interesting for her.....she is not the best eater.