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Friday, October 22, 2010

I was planning to be asleep by now

But my mind is racing too fast to even consider sleeping... Gah! The movers are showing up at 8:30 tomorrow morning to start our two-day move, and I guess we’re as ready as we’re going to get. I think no matter what we do it’s going to be complete chaos. Oh well. Thank you for all the great moving advice, by the way. We’ve packed up emergency suitcases for each of us (toiletries, clothes, prescriptions, pajamas, nightlights, etc.) that can get us through at least a few days of “where the hell is ...?!” I’ve put together a move kit that is going to be strapped to my body until end of day Sunday (it’s got Sharpies, painter’s tape, packing tape, tape measure, paper, pens, cleaning gloves, cleaning supplies, cell phone, box cutter, screwdrivers, and I don’t even know what else), we’re moving and setting up the beds first, I labeled each room in the old house and in the new house, and a whole bunch of other things you guys suggested.

My folks can’t get here until dinnertime, so we’re on our own with the twinados during the move, but we’ve already set up their playroom, the tv with all their fave movies, and given them specific jobs to do during the move (helping thrills them). And, if all else fails, two friends said we would be dead meat if we got in a bind and didn’t call them to watch the girls.

Oh, and I’ve stocked the new fridge with some wine. I also took a few cute pics of the girls today on their way to school. Couldn’t resist, they were so adorable, plus I’m not sure how long it will take me to find the camera after tonight. (Ro is on the left in all the pics)

DSC_9570LR DSC_9581LRDSC_9588LR DSC_9596LR DSC_9600LR DSC_9601LR DSC_9645LRDSC_9622LRDSC_9633LR 

Think good thoughts for tomorrow! Now I might as well go watch Grey’s Anatomy, since I’m clearly not going to sleep anytime soon...


  1. Way too cute!!!

    Have been thinking of you and praying for you often. Hannah and I prayed for you together last night that things would go smoothly. You'll do great kiddo! I'm only a phone call away and in a matter of trying to get closer to you today am heading across the border to Buffal shopping. At least we'll be in the same country for a few days!!

    Love you. Can't wait to see the new place and hear all about it. You're half way there sweetie! Hey, probably more than half way.

    ((hugs)) xoxo

  2. I don't envy your move M3, but I know you all will be just fine. With a backyard like the one you're getting (just what I've seen from the pics), I expect you'll be there for awhile - so maybe this is the last time you and the twinado's will have to do this before college. I think moving with kids is kind of a parental right of passage - it's something we all have to do. I did when L and M were 5 and 2, and the morning the movers showed up, L started throwing up all over the place. Let's just hope the girls stay WELL (and you too). Take care, will be thinking of you today...

  3. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Good Luck m3 & family!!! You will be fine, in no time you will be sitting in your new living room sipping that wine and the whole move will be behind you. then you can start making some great family memories.

    And....you will be able to look forward to Halloween next weekend!!!

    Hopefully you can sneak in some time to take some moving day photos!! Then you can look back and laugh at how stressed you were!

    Can't wait to see the photos of the new house. Your almost there!!


  4. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Even though you feel chaos brewing you sound organized and things will go a lot better than you imagine because of all the organizing you have done.

    I think we all look forward to hearing from you "on the other side."

  5. You'll get through it! I can't wait to see pictures of the new place. :)

  6. You're in our thoughts today and tomorrow! Remember my offer! :) LOTS of hugs and many more prayers!

  7. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Good luck!

  8. I forgot to mention the tights--M's teacher takes care of that by not allowing tights. So no snags. Just bare legs. (Rather attractive on Martina since she's had a scabies problem these past few months...)

    The teacher said nothing about undergarments. When Martina took gymnastics they were NOT to wear undergarments with their leotards. Does the same go for ballet?

  9. Anonymous10/23/2010

    marie and rose are getting cuter and cute by the time! :)

  10. You seem like an organized woman, and I am hopeful that you all will survive. Moves are tough, but with kids, it makes it even more difficult. You'll get through it! Let us know when you're opening up the forum for some questions on the new digs ;-)

    Happy wine drinking!

  11. So cute! Well it's now Sunday morning. I hope everything went well so far!

  12. Anonymous10/24/2010

    Hope your move went well. Also, congratulations on your Forever Family Day anniversary, today, Oct. 24th - it's ours, too.

    All the best as you get settled in to your new home together.

    Ilene, mommy to April Lauren

  13. Love their outfits!!! And it is now Monday so hopefully your move went great this weekend ;)

  14. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Five is not Three. That's what my mom told me when I was in a panic about having to deal with my kids during a rehabing based move. She was right. The girls were totally able to watch TV, play quietly etc... while we worked. I was too focused on how hard it had been to deal with them a few years before and didn't see how far they had come in terms of being able to weather a lack of parental attention for a day. I think the girls will suprise you too!

  15. Anonymous10/25/2010

    So curious to know how it is going, but I know you have many other things to do than post. Still, sending you good moving juju!

    Amy Y.

  16. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Trusting your move went well, even though it rained !! We have almost 4 inches in Sonoma.

    The girls outs - WelaWear? Sooo cute.


  17. Anonymous10/26/2010

    Thinking about you and hoping the moving and unpacking is going well. See you in a few days!

    PS: Cute outfits and photos!

  18. Anonymous10/27/2010

    I just happened on your blog. The girls are so beautiful and I love
    the Halloween dresses....so cute.
    You made me laugh with the "dead meat"
    comment...don't forget where the wine
    is, you may need that after a long day.
    Good luck with the move..
    mm from vancouver, wa. :o)

  19. Anonymous10/28/2010

    ARe you guys okay???????

    Hope the move was effortless.....


  20. Tell Ree not to worry. Our daughter is 7 1/2 and in 2nd grade and really IS the only kid in 2nd grade who hasn't lost a tooth yet! The dentist said that if she hasn't by her 8th bday (next check up) she might have to pull, but says the longer they stay in, the healthier the adult teeth are staying up in their cozy spot.
    Kim O