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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“We are big girls now, mama”

Well the much-anticipated bday has finally arrived. Ree and Ro are now five. Wow. Ree quite seriously just told me “We are big girls now mama -- the next time we go to Gilroy Gardens, can you tell the rollercoaster guy that we’re FIVE now?!” Ah yes, my little babe, I will.

That rollercoaster dude with the measuring stick has been the bane of their existence for the last year. Sometimes he says they’re tall enough to ride the thrilling Rattler Coaster, sometimes he says they’re both too short to ride, and sometimes (oh the ultimate indignity) he holds up that measuring stick and says one girl is tall enough to ride and one isn’t. Ro and Ree quickly learned to see who had the taller shoes on and swap around so each girl had one of the “good” shoes before getting in line. Then they stood up as tall as they could on the good shoe so they’d both measure up. Not even kidding. And no, I didn’t teach them that trick.

Not sure how we got to five-years-old so quickly. Man. The girls have had a pretty good time with the bday thing so far. They got to open a present each morning starting on Oct 1, because we like to celebrate good and long over here. And this morning they got up, brushed their teeth and made their beds (I know, it shocks me too), then waited until the clock said 7 before running screaming down the hall on their way downstairs. In holidays past, I would get there before them and snap a picture as they rounded the corner and caught a first glimpse of whatever goodness was waiting for them. Ha! Not this year. Or anymore, I’m guessing. They are too damn fast now. DSC_9355LR 

They ripped into the pile of presents with glee. Loved everything, even the tiny flashlights TubaDad got them. And luckily, we were able to find the two things they asked for over and over again. The same pink and purple doll strollers they had back when they were little. The original strollers were subjected to all manner of twinbuse, and turned into little piles of duct-taped shredded material and bent metal before we tossed them out. And they’ve been wanting replacements ever since. Funniest moment was when we plopped the new strollers on the ground and both girls looked puzzled. Ree finally said “Why they so small? These aren’t the ones we wanted. The other ones were a lot bigger.”  It was kind of bittersweet to explain that the strollers hadn’t shrunk, the girls had just grown. ALOT.

IMG_4839 DSC_8107m DSC_9368LR

Hilarious, vivacious, sweet, charming, whip-smart little babes. Your daddy and I love you to pieces and wish you the very happiest birthday. Enjoy your party at school today, and we can’t wait to take you out for the fancy birthday dinner that you requested (Chuck E Cheese).

DSC_9377LR DSC_9381LR DSC_9384LR


  1. Five? Can it really be???
    Goodness, the pictures don't lie. Either that, or those strollers really did shrink.
    Hope you all have a BLAST celebrating your big girls! Somehow I am sure you will :)

  2. Oh gosh, FIVE. Time sure does fly when you are all having fun. Hope the girls have a wonderful, magical birthday (and year!)

  3. This post is beyond precious.How sweet is that that they thought the strollers had shrunk. bittersweet really. (I'm still sniffling a bit here.)

    Happy Birthday to your two darlings. Five is huge and I'll warn you - it just doesn't slow down so hang on!!

    Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Funny, I was just looking at some photos of my sweetie from about the same era and wondering how she grew so tall so fast. I love seeing the photos with the little bit of chub in their faces and limbs. It just doesn't seem like it was that long ago, does it?

    Happy Birthday, Ro and Ree!

  5. Anonymous10/06/2010

    LilyKate and Eleanor say "Happy Birfday Re and Ro"

    They loved the pics and the balloons :-)

  6. Anonymous10/06/2010

    One thing that hasn't changed is the way those girls love each other. I have noticed how you always encouraged that sister bond. They might have always stayed close anyway but I believe you treasured and preserved that for them. I love you for that, which since I am an old lady I can say without being weird. lol

  7. Wow five already!!!! It seems just yesterday I found your adoption journey to China. They are right ....they are now "big" girls!

  8. Happy birthday, sweet girls!

  9. Happy happy happy happy birthday.

    It goes so fast, doesn't it? Ours will turn six in a few weeks.

    We so need to come visit (or you us), again.

  10. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Happy 5th Birthday Ro & Ree!
    from Michigan

  11. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Wishing you both a very Happy Birthday with lots of hugs and laughter.


  12. So cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!

  13. Anonymous10/06/2010


  14. Happy Birthday Ro and Ree! Can't believe they're 5 ... enjoy Chuck E. Cheese.

  15. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Happy Birthday, Ro and Ree! Glad you're having such a great week, celebrating a little each day. How fun! We sure miss you and can't wait to see you soon. Wishing you the best day ever. Big hugs! Love, Aunt Jane

  16. Anonymous10/06/2010

    I was searching for pics of when you brought them home to compare and had a heck of a time and then found them. The girls have changed so much, not in personality but in sheer capability and language. Wow! They are quite, quite incredible!

    Happy twin birthday!

    PS. A lot is two words.

  17. Oh how I look forward to their escapades. Standing on the tall shoes...I can't stop giggling.

    I know. 5 comes out of the blue and just catches you by surprise, doesn't it? One minute, tiny people...next minute, KIDS.

    Happy Birthday Twinadoes. And many thanks for sharing so many lovely (and funny) stories with us.

  18. Anonymous10/06/2010

    生日快樂 to Ro & Re! ^_^

  19. Oh my gosh! Five years old!? Well, it had to happen eventually! Just seems like our kids have managed to skip a few years when we weren't looking!

    I cracked up reading about the dude with the measuring stick at GG. Yep, we suffered all last year with that and finally just started going straight to the office (in our tallest shoes) and getting a white wrist band!

    Sounds like you had a super fun celebration! I hope you get everything your mommy wished for you when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  20. I can't believe I've been reading your blog for FOUR years! Happy Birthday, girls!

  21. happy birthday to 2 simply wonderful big girls.

  22. Happy birthday girls!!!! Hope your fifth year is FULLLLL of all things fun, fabulous and fantastic!

  23. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Happy birthday little girlies!

  24. M,I've followed since 2006 back when we were both waiting for referrals (LID 5-31-06)and I can't believe your babies are 5 and I'm just now finally, after forever, nearing the end of my wait and beginning the journey. I seldom comment but always catch up with you all and I had to comment today to wish the girls happy birthday and to tell you how much love jumps off the screen from your blog posts. Best always, Laurie

  25. Happy Birthday Ro and Ree!!! Really M3, the time has flown by! FIVE????

  26. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Happy 5th Birthday to two of the cutest gals EVER!

  27. Happy Birthday little cutie-pies! Hope you had a wonderful day. We have an October 6 birthday in our family now with the birth of a new grandson early today! Yay!

  28. Happy Birthday Ro & Ree and big cake filled hugs from Maisie.

  29. Happy, happy birthday sweet Ro and Ree!! Hope you had a totally amazing, wonderful day!! Hannah and I love you so much and talked of you often today!

    Hmmm....we were at Chuck E Cheese's for a birthday party tonight too! Wonder why we didn't see you? ;o)

    WE LOVE YOU SWEETIES!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  30. Kristina10/06/2010

    The Banks family wishes Ro and Ree the Happiest of Birthday's...Five is amazing and we can not believe how quickly time has gone by and how much the girls have changed and grown!!!Wishing you many many more happy birthday's!!

  31. Happy Birthday Ro & Ree!!! Hoping you have an amazing day and year!
    Love from your new TX friends, F&B

  32. Happy birthday Ro & Ree! Our twins will turn 4 in a few months and I follow the exploits of Ro & Ree to get an idea of what to expect later. The future holds lots of fun and love all round.

    our blog http://jcqadoptchronicles.blogspot.com

  33. WOW!!! How did that happen??!?!!

    Happy Birthday Ro & Ree!! It's been such a joy to watch you grow into the beautiful girls you are today. Have a happy day!!

  34. wow, if this doesn't put their growth into perspective!! happy 5th to the twinadoes. cutest ones ever.

  35. happy birthday twinadoes, and thank you for sharing with us!

  36. Anonymous10/07/2010

    Do you do anything to honor their birthmother?

  37. Hi Anon,
    No we don't, not on the girls' bday.

    We do talk about the girls' birthmother and foster mother frequently (reading the lifebooks helps with this and we are really fortunate to have pictures of the girls' foster family), and we honor both of them on Mother's Day. We have a special red candle that we light and then the girls say anything that they'd like their birthmother and foster mother to know about them and say any wishes they have for them and they blow out the candle and we say the smoke is carrying the words and wishes across the sea. The candle is lit and then blown out for each thought or wish.

    To be honest, we kind of stink when it comes to talking about the girls' birthfather and foster father. Maybe it's because I'm the one driving it and I'm a mom? Not really sure, and I know others kind of struggle with this as well. Need to do better on this.

  38. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Your daughters are beautiful. May they grow and thrive this 5th happy year!

  39. Wishing your big girls a very Happy Birthday! I love the way you celebrate. OMGoodness they were so tiny and utterly adorable when they had those strollers way back when...hehehe.

  40. The strollers are too small?? Bahahahaha!!

    I'm sure Caroline would have tried the shoe trick on one of the rides at Legoland when she ducked just a little too much under that stick and they wouldn't let her on if she just had a twin...

    Can't believe they're 5 already. Sniff....

  41. Anonymous10/09/2010

    Happy Birthday, Cutie pies!!!!

    I can't believe your 5. You are "BIG" girls.
    Have a GREAT day with Chuckie...


    BTW: M-Congrats on the new house.

  42. WOW, so hard to believe! My daughter turns five Nov. 3rd. We got our referral the same week that you did. Where on earth has the time gone! I really struggle with how fast they grow! No more baby face.

    Well, at least your girls play with strollers/dolls, my daughter never took a liking to baby dolls. It is all about princesses and barbie.

  43. Happy birthday sweet 5 year olds!
    We'll be there too in another 3 months.
    I can't believe I've been following your blog for over 4 years now. Time has just flown.

  44. Happy b-day girls! 5 is an amazing age!

    Love the story of the strollers!

    The certainly have grown. I would like to see one in the stroller now, with the other one pushing! Hee he hee!

    Have a great day!

  45. Anonymous10/12/2010

    I took time to read your earliest blog entries. In Feb. 2005, you said, "We've decided on China!"
    What a wonderful life story you started with those words, before the twins were even born!

  46. Happy birthday sweet girls with love from your other October sister and her Mama!

  47. Anonymous10/15/2010

    You could get them a pair of full size umbrella strollers. They would probably be the right relative size.