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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I guess we’ve entered the “gifts will be hidden” stage

TubaDad got home from a long trip to Singapore last night (hallelujah, there is another parent in the house again!!!) and we’ve both been lazing around taking it easy this morning.

The girls (who despite our best coaching simply do not have Saturday-morning-sleep-in-and-take-it-easy personalities) have been running up and down the stairs, amusing themselves with all the cardboard moving boxes, playing with their toys, and checking on us every few minutes. They already had breakfast in bed, watched some Disney channel, sucked down mugs of hot apple cider, did Sudoku with me, found Elfala (who spilled crayons all over the counter and wrote them a note!), and many many other tiring things.

TubaDad and I observed it all from bed. Just. Couldn’t. Get. Up.


We heard screaming, jumping, and squealing. Ro came running up the stairs just beside herself yelling “We have Tangled!!! Mama, daddy, we have Tangled!!!” Then ran back downstairs, leaving us a little puzzled. Oh crap – suddenly I realized that they must have looked inside the cardboard box from Leapster that I had carelessly left in the office and found one of their Christmas presents, the new Rapunzel Tag book.



They were so happy we didn’t have the heart to take the book away and make them wait until Christmas. So I guess they just opened their first present on Dec 4. And I guess we’ve now entered the era when we can’t leave Christmas presents out in plain view.

Merry Christmas to all!

PS: If you’re ordering any Leapster stuff, I just saw a coupon pop up on my screen for 25% off, the coupon code is CONNECT25 and it’s valid thru 1/31.


  1. Oops! We're still stashing ours in one of the master bedroom closets in the shopping bags. I have a feeling we're not going to get by with that for much longer, though.

  2. Sorry, M3...I just have to do this. I read your post, then happened to click on one of the "you might also like" photos below the post. It was the one from January 2007, no long after becoming a momma. And this popped out at me. "I never expected to be sad when they slept in because it meant that much longer before I could get my sweet morning baby hug." -- guessing you could use some of that "sleeping in" now, huh? :-) I know I could! Still the luckiest mommas in the world though! Merry December!

  3. HAHAHAHA! I remember those days :) Now you have to be all sneaky and stuff! :)

  4. Michelle -- oh that is classic!!!! Yeah, I am so far past that waiting for them to wake up thing. Now, if they ever sleep in till 8 I am in HEAVEN!

  5. oops!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. Anonymous12/04/2010

    I'm thinking Wella's address is gonna be getting some use for this season from now on....

  7. If it makes you feel any better? We've had to take drastic measures to keep our kids out of their presents. Ahem. They are 1.5 and 3. Either I'm bad at hiding, or they are ridiculously SNEAKY.

    The latter. Just sayin'.

  8. Yes - you've entered a new era. I almost messed with Santa's authenticity by not being careful one year. I could tell that she'd opened some bags but couldn't tell what so I had to give all the ones in the bags to her from mom and dad and go out a get more from Santa!!!

    Can't mess with the the magic!!!

  9. Anonymous12/04/2010

    Tell them it is a Hannukah gift.

  10. My current hiding stash is the closet in the extra bedroom, but I'm guessing it won't be next year when I have 2 sneaky little elves running around the house!

  11. Hi M3,
    With twins you have to be one step ahead ALL the time. They're tricky and you have to be just a little bit more tricky....
    Fun times tho.

  12. Anonymous12/05/2010

    We're hiding ours in suitcases this year that we aren't going to need until the day after Christmas, hopefully it works. Oh and the bike is in the garage behind the Christmas tree box. It isn't attached to the house so she isn't wandering in there too often. Melissa

  13. That is too cute!!
    My son is 10 and I hide the gifts in our walk-in attic. The kids never go in there and usually I hide them well. Needless-to-say the kids were playing hide and seek and he decided to go in there... I'm pretty sure he spotted a good number of gifts. I feel horrible. I think I have to wrap them immediately from now on. lol.

  14. Sounds like you are going to need to get creative finding good hiding places:)

    One year I hid Nick's gifts so well, I couldn't find one of them. Two months after Christmas while cleaning, I found the missing gift!!

    Happy Holidays to you and the family~