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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spunky (punky?) little girls

TubaDad's in Boston (being dumped on by multiple feet of snow apparently), and the girls and I have been left to our own devices, or, um, vices. So in the middle of pouring rain yesterday, we decided to go shopping at the mall. I had a few things to return anyway...

Little Ree found something she liked in every single store. She went hog wild in the Crazy8 store, where they had an entire outfit (including hairthingy, shoes, and glasses) in two of her fave colors: blue and yellow. She was hopping from one display to the next, saying “Oooo, this matches, ooo look at this, oooo they have GLASSES, oh oh oh.” In the end, she walked away with a complete outfit that just about equaled the stuff I had to return to Target -- shoot we almost made money this trip. Heh.

Here she is proudly sporting the entire new ensemble, with some striped pom pom leg warmers the cousins gave her for Christmas.DSC_1296LR

Ro, by contrast, did not want to spend even one minute shopping. That girl wanted to go home, and she wanted to do it immediately. She loves being home. Always has. While Ree was excitedly assembling her fab outfit, Ro nonchalantly leaned against a display and periodically threw out something like “Come on, let’s go,” “I’m not getting anything, let’s just go,” “I won’t care if Ree gets something and I don’t,” “Come on sister.” In the end, though, while I was checking out, Ro casually looked at what she was leaning against, grabbed a striped purple shirt/dress, and said “Um, maybe I’ll take this one. It’s the right size.”DSC_1297LR

Ro says that purple is now “number zero” for her, meaning it’s her absolute fave color and ranks even higher than her number-one pink. We’ll see.DSC_1300LRDSC_1323LR

I think this was the first day I sent them to school without initials in their hair. And their teacher noticed within a half a second of them walking in the door. Oops, guess she does look at them. I’ve decided that I’m going to try my hand at making monogrammed hair accessories, since they cost too much and the girls lose at least one a week at school. Any tips or good online tutorials you’ve found? I’m going to try some felt ones, some silk flower ones, and some regular bow ones. I’ll post the (hopefully not laughable) results.DSC_1333LRDSC_1340LRDSC_1351LRDSC_1359LRDSC_1362LRDSC_1385LR

I was trying to take pics of each girl alone (I NEVER remember to do that) and someone couldn’t stand it... see Ro trying to squeeze into the shot? Hee!DSC_1387LRDSC_1388LR

Ree just adores this curly little hair thing. Wonder if I can figure out how to make those too?DSC_1390LR2

These leg warmers are so fun. I like pretty much everything at Little MisMatched. The stuff practically screams Ro and Ree, doesn’t it?DSC_1396LRDSC_1402LRDSC_1407LRDSC_1411LRDSC_1421LR

Cute girls. They are so full of energy and so loud today that I am kind of at wit’s end. Maybe their blessed Kindergarten teacher will have them all calm and zen by pickup time. If not, we’ve got an hour of gymnastics to wear them out after school.


  1. My mom used to make those curly hair bows for me when I was a kid. You just wrap ribbon around a dowel, pin at the ends and put it in the oven at 200 for 1/2 hour-ish. Then you tie them to a rubber band or glue them to a barrette.

  2. Haute Couture, meet your sister, Casually Stylish.

  3. Anonymous1/12/2011



    Both of these sites have some good tutorials!

  4. Can't wait to see the results. I've never tried barrettes because my girls just rip them out...but I love them!

    I'm not into piercing ears on young girls, but that's how I tell the twins apart in Sara's Daisy Troop. One wears pearl earrings, and the other wears little diamonds. I've studied them for months, but I still couldn't tell them apart...they finally took mercy on me and told me about the earrings.

    Good Luck! The outfits are adorable!

  5. I would be happy to make you some. I can make some bow barrettes and headbands. $20 could get you a whole set. My etsy site is www.meghanajtex.etsy.com and my blog is www.iamaliceinwonderland.blogspot.com
    Feel free to get in touch. I live in the Bay Area too so shipping time won't be too bad.

  6. Poor TubaDad, he is DEFINITELY getting dumped on! I live about 40 miles north of Boston and we had about 18 inches today...and I think the city might have had more!

  7. we just got a crazy 8 here-- LOVE that store- cute clothes we can afford!!!

  8. For ease of telling them apart, we put the hair accessory on opposite sides (same side as their ankle bracelet) for our ID twins. That way the teacher or whoever only has to remember right is for A and left is for B. The only hiccup is that they are mirror image twins and their dominant side is opposite to the accessory side, which was determined way before the dominant side became apparent.

  9. I love the crazy8, too! Equally cute girl and boy stuff...and they usually have cute hawaiian/hula prints for the summer- just what we need :)


  10. Anonymous1/12/2011

    I'm a visual person and need pictures. Here's a good set of instructions for the curly bows. They are very easy.


  11. Anonymous1/13/2011

    Can't she just look at their bracelets?!!?!?

    From one twin Mama to another!

    and I agree - to us they don't look alike at all - maybe like sisters?!

  12. Love the outfits they picked!

  13. Anonymous1/13/2011

    In the sixth photo, Ro looks like she's having a zen moment herself standing on the back of that tricycle...has she seen Titanic?
    So darn funny!

  14. I found these yesterday:




    Some require sewing...

    This blogger has a few others in her tutorials:


    When I was learning, I Googled searched and found what I needed and started from there. It is really easy. Give me a shout if you need any help or want to discuss/compare/etc...

    Keep smilin!

  15. I love your blog. It makes me smile to see their beautiful faces - and spunky fashion sense! Hope TubaDad is able to come home soon!! The weather looks crazy there.

  16. Hi M3! I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for changing your feed settings. I love your blog so much but I always forgot to click over when I saw a new post in my reader, but now I can keep up with Ro and Ree so much easier! :)

    They are just too adorable, and I can't believe how big they are now!

  17. Have you thought about buying a Bejeweler hot fix tool. Not something you would want the girls playing with, but it would allow you to add little crystals to their bows. Then they all could have initals on them!!


    here is the link to it


  18. Kristina1/13/2011

    So cute! I have some Crazy Cash to spend this weekend and I know we will be sportin' some of the yellow and blue too! Glad to see the spring stuff is out! You will be oh so crafty and be fabulous at the bows. We had a bow UPSET today. Miss S lost it at school and couldn't find it. TRAGIC at the moment! HUGS!!

  19. Perhaps you can see the possibilities for monogrammed initials in this little advertising video. I'm not saying you need a fancy machine, just self covering buttons (available at a sewing store. Then look for a length of fabric that you could cut some individual letters out of to cover the buttons. Paint the finished button with a little fabric sealer and there you have it a monogramed button for a barrette.