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Friday, February 4, 2011

If I have to look at those flying girls one more time...

Geez, it’s about time for a new blog header, don’t you think? That flying capes one has been up since, well I don’t even know how long. Anyhow, since you guys have never steered me wrong, please share some suggestions for a new header. Wild and crazy is fine, or serene and beautiful, or anything in between. And I can either use pics from the archive or stage a fun photoshoot.

We’re in the middle of really warm, beautiful, springlike weather here, so the only impossible thing would be blustery, snowy wintery-type of conditions. But other than that – the sky’s the limit!

Here are the old blog headers, to put you in a salsa mood:

Does anyone remember this very first one? It was back in 2005, pre-kids, and was made from a funny pic of TubaDad eating a TacoBell taco:header4

That old header stayed up a good long time (mostly because I had no idea how to change it). And then finally, in March of 2008, I figured it out and the girls humored me by doing their own version of taco munching. I think we went through a dozen tacos to get this shot:

I changed things up with a seasonal theme in October of 2008 by using the girls’ preschool pictures. Cutest monkeys I’ve ever seen.

I worked with a fun designer to create this winter wonderland header at the end of 2008.Salsa-Christmas2

And then we had a quick little Santa-themed header in Dec of that same year. Goodness, that’s four headers in 2008, what the heck got into me?BlogHeaderChristmas2008m2

The beginning of 2009 saw the girls in jammies more than clothes, so I whipped up this fun header:

In March of that year we took one of my all-time fave family shots using the self timer on the beach. Fun stuff:Mar182009Header10

Does anyone even remember this spring 2009 header? I don’t think it was up for very long:Mar2009Header3

We got down with the fall leaves in November of 2009 (ok, to be honest, we didn’t have any leaves in the yard and had to go on a walk to collect enough for these shots):Fall20092009Header4

In January of 2010 (yipes, I just looked at the file date and couldn’t believe it had really been that long), I got some fun shots of the girls jumping over me in the park:

So that’s all of them. And oh my yes a new header is definitely due. Past due. So go hog wild with those ideas, please!


  1. hmmmmmm how long you want it up--- i was thinking of pink and red for valentine's day? or something chinese new yearish-- with bunnies??? or make us all feel horrible for being in sub freezing blizzard weather and do a beautiful sunny one??;)

  2. Seeing all the headers made me realise how long I have been following your blog!

    Aren't the girls taking a gym class? Maybe that could inspire the next header!?

  3. I am a blog follower, simply because your girls are ADORABLE and I love to see there outfits lol! I vote for a new header showcasing their fashion sense!!

  4. Pics of them in their wacky clothes and the caption "Fiercely Fashion Forward"

  5. I like the fashion ideas, Valentine's and CNY. Easter ain't too far away. Y'all are always making something cool in the kitchen so maybe a the girls with new treats, cakes, or chocolate on Fashion Friday?

  6. My first vote is for a snow theme. I know a place where there is lots of snow!! What time should we pick you up at the airport?

    If that doesn't work (boo!) I love the idea of a Chinese theme or, something for Valentines or Easter or....whatever! Excited to see what you come up with!

  7. I guess I have been following quite awhile. I still remember the first one. However, there are a couple in the middle that I don't recall.

    I think it is already too late for Valentines or Chinese New Year, unless you want to change them after a week. I would try something neutral and springlike, especially since it is almost spring here in CA.

    How are your Photoshop skills? You could shrink them down and put them inside giant flowers. You could play around with reflections and get four of them. I think a reflection shot in a lake or pond would be cute. They would be cute in a pen full of rabbits (I know, I said no CNY). M3, you always come up with great stuff. Maybe you can find yet another way to incorporate the taco/salsa theme.

    I look forward to whatever you create. I haven't changed my header in 2 years, so you're way ahead of me.

  8. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Oh I second Catherines vote for a snow scene!! Just kidding!

    I would love a Chinese theme, maybe the girls in their Chinese dresses, or a picture from the Chinese New year celebration with the dancing lion/dragon.


  9. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Chinese tacos in snow.

    photshopped, obviously

  10. A montage of their best & most creative outfits for sure, I love their style!


  12. Anonymous2/04/2011

    I'm a traditionalist so I totally love that one of the girls munching on the tacos with bits of lettuce hanging out of their mouths. It's timeless and matches the "salsa" theme. But my opinion is easily swayed -- especially when there are cute little faces involved!


  13. A collage of Fashion Foto Fridays.

  14. I think the photos from http://salsainchina.blogspot.com/2011/01/little-beauties-on-christmas-eve.html would make an absolutely gorgeous header :)

  15. Brenda2/04/2011

    I would love to see a montage of different shots of the girls in their zaniest clothing choices. I think it's fabulous that you encourage their creativity and never flinch when they come out in their striped, flowered and flounced finery. To see some of those shots side by side would surely make everybody smile.

  16. Anonymous2/04/2011

    I think it would be nice to see all four of you in the header - whatever the theme.

  17. I like the fashion forward one.

    By the way I started following your blog back when the beach header was the one you used and I really liked it.


  18. I vote for doing a new, fun photo shoot. Let the girls pick the location and their outfits and see what happens. Then surprise us!

  19. Anonymous2/04/2011

    three words: fashion friday outfits.

  20. Yes, I do remember each and every one of those beautiful headers. I am also a follower from the very beginning. I followed you before I even opened my own blog or really even knew what blogging was all about!!!

    Before I even clicked over here from google reader I was saying "Fashion Friday Photos".... now that I am here, I can see that I am not alone.

    Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be brilliant!! Can't wait to see the new look.

    Happy Weekend~



  21. I have no ideas at the moment but I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  22. Anonymous2/05/2011

    My vote is for a rotating gallery of artwork. I trust that Ro and Ree are bringing home many projects from school. It would be cool to showcase them in some frames at the top of the page. It could be like a "fridge" for their art.

  23. I would love to see a header with the girls over the years... I think it would be really cute for the pictures to be the shots that you walked in on the girls saw them doing something they shouldn't and instead of telling them to stop you grabbed the camera!

    I never knew that was a taco bell taco, everytime I saw that header it made me want tacos.

  24. Anonymous2/05/2011

    How about a little revolving slideshow that way you can do several photos

  25. Anonymous2/05/2011

    I think that a reflection scene would be cool. Like just the girls' faces in the water. They could do goofy faces and sweet smiles. I think that would be pretty awesome looking.

  26. The girls holding a rabbit... that would be good for a year, right? And then you could really look forward to two years from now: the year of the SNAKE. Heh.

  27. I love the taco-eating one of the girls. That one gets my vote, so cute!

  28. don't really have any good suggestions for a new header (i'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome!) BUT, looking through all the old headers made me realize that i've been reading this blog for a heck of a long time! i remember all of them! hahaha.

  29. I agree with all the others who love the girls' fashion sense.

  30. Your ideas always amaze me, but if I had to make a suggestion I might swing for something like ooey-gooey chocolatey covered faces - enjoying some valaentine candy... or move it on forward to easter/spring chocolate theme. Choco-taco, anyone? That might be adorable - following the blog theme. :)

  31. valaentine = valentine. oops!

  32. Anonymous2/07/2011

    I really love the current header!

  33. I am excited! I know what every you do it will be fab. Notice, I am not giving suggestions. My blog header is years old.

  34. It's the first that I've seen your blog. I'm so glad you still had the "flying girls" up as your banner. It's incredible. My favorite one! All of your pictures are colorful and creative, so I'm sure the next one will be great, also.

  35. i like the tacos, the scarves and the family collage. Mostly the tacos. :) Mmm tacos....