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Monday, May 16, 2011

Broom races

On your mark:DSC_5681LR

Get set:DSC_5699LR




It amuses me that they “ride” their brooms backwards, and that they’re still obsessed with white. They tear around in their “fancy” Sears and Target sale dresses and slide on the grass in them, roll on the chalk-covered patio, climb trees, you name it. In the middle of a particularly fierce grass slide last evening, TubaDad winced and started to say “Do you really want to do that in your white dress?!” and then we both shrugged. We didn’t buy the dresses to sit in the closet unworn, we bought them for fun. And I’d venture to say that these dresses are seeing some fun.

PS: Wrong settings on my camera for this fast pace (I should have cranked up the ISO a bit so I could make the aperture smaller and increase the DOF), but still fun pics. Ree is in the purple shrug, Ro is in all white.


  1. LOVE IT! The look of sheer determination that those pretty dresses will not be so white for long:-)

  2. Oh man, I'm too much of a control freak for that (the running a muck in white)! It looks like a Tide commercial! :)

  3. Anonymous5/16/2011

    It does look like a Tide commercial! you should contact Tide and tell them you have all the props for a great ad of their product!

  4. Barbara5/16/2011

    hah! I agree w/anon!

    and that's some serious looking fun going on in those white dresses!!

    aren't you on Facebook? like tide and send them a note....??

  5. Such fun! Sisters+backyard+props=fun times

  6. I like say, "Oh well, it was probably never going to make it to consignment anyway." I also never wished for tame child creatures.

    LOVE the pictures. Must learn to do that ISO-thingy you are talking about.

  7. Good for you! I had to hide Rory's current fancy dress (her daddy told her she looked so pretty and now it's all she wants to wear), because I just cannot let it go to soccer and big sister's lacrosse. Until after the spring preschool concert. Then--it's a handy-down, she's the youngest girl, and she can go to it!

  8. I love these pictures!! Too much fun!

  9. Too funny those little girls. Pretty in white so why not!

  10. I've learned A LOT from you friend!! Hannah wears whatever we feel like to daycare and out to play. Must admit some dressed are saved for Sunday's but once we're out of church they're fair game to run, play and have fun in!

    Heh....thought it was just me that wondered if their brooms were backwards. So much fun!!

  11. Ha! Really looks like they are flying! Now why can't my Linhsey learn from this post? She can still wear a pretty dress, fly like a witch on a broom AND get dirty.

  12. Well, as you said. Sunshine gets stains out!

    Target has a sale on pretty dresses, but I think I want to wait until they go down just a little farther....I'm really cheap that way.

  13. Love the pics! I have had to adopt that attitude toward clothing getting dirty with EVERYTHING my boys own.. glad to hear it applies to girl moms as well! :)

  14. Nothing better than running barefoot in the grass! Sweet.
    My family made your potato casserole for Mother's Day, by the way. That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Anonymous5/18/2011

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy following your blog from Liverpool in England, your girls are so fun !


  16. Anonymous5/18/2011

    Your pictures are perfect- they made me smile because I could practically feel how much fun they were having! I learn so much from you about how to be a good parent and hopefully in the next year or so I'll be able to adopt through foster care and put that knowledge into practice.


  17. Anonymous5/18/2011

    Oh, now that is funny! I let The Jokers wear their flower girl dresses from my brother's wedding, all the time too. They think they are the most beautiful, fanciest dresses ever and I purposely made sure they were each like 25 bucks so, heck, wear them out!


  18. Seriously AWESOME!