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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plan a sparkling 4th of July party

I’ve found a whole bunch of neat 4th of July party ideas on Pinterest and on the web lately and have assembled a big ol’ party wishlist. We won’t do it all, of course, but oooo, this stuff makes me grin. If you’re planning a 4th of July celebration, here are some fun ideas (all pics link to their directions if you click through twice).

~~~~ PARTY FOOD ~~~~

Firecracker red, white, and blue cake:

Source: bettycrocker.com via M3 on Pinterest

Cupcakes in a cone, with red, white, blue sprinkles (can do this for any party, just change the sprinkle colors to match your theme):

Watermelon stars (how easy would this be with one of the zillion cookie cutters I own?):

Source: nobiggie.net via M3 on Pinterest

Awesome flag cake – I’ve been wanting to make (and devour) a flag cake forever. This is the year!

Source: tasteofhome.com via M3 on Pinterest

Red, white, and blue parfaits:

Source: marthastewart.com via M3 on Pinterest

Red, white, and blue fruit kabobs (irresistible):

Source: makeandtakes.com via M3 on Pinterest


Use wheelbarrows and wagons as ice buckets or cold foods displays:

Source: hgtv.com via M3 on Pinterest



Luminaries: Paint and punch designs in old cans for festive (and fire-safe) luminaries. By the way, I love the addition on light blue to the traditional red, white, and blue scheme:

Paper rosettes: Use crepe paper and old newspaper to make charming rosettes.

Source: countryliving.com via M3 on Pinterest

Pretty vases: Tape patriotic ribbon around old jars or vases for a simple, beautiful way to display flowers:

Source: thepartydress.net via M3 on Pinterest

Bandana tablecloth: Sew a bunch of inexpensive bandanas together.


Paper lanterns: A cute lantern craft for the kids to do during the party:

Source: marthastewart.com via M3 on Pinterest

Indoor confetti rockets (this one would be fun for the kids to make and experience):

Source: alphamom.com via M3 on Pinterest

Firecracker crowns: Crazy sparkler hats for the kids to make and wear during the party:

Source: familyfun.go.com via M3 on Pinterest

Fun stuff!!! So, anyone else planning a party? If you have any other cute 4th of July ideas, please share!


  1. I want to party at your house!

  2. Fun! FUN! FUN!!!!! You make me want to have a party...

  3. 4th of July is my fave holiday. Here's some links I bookmarked last year. Thought you might enjoy.




    We totally need to be neighbors.

  4. These are all super cute! Our town has a big celebration with fireworks and we usually have folks over. I may have to get crackin' on a few of these ideas!

  5. Brenda6/18/2011

    Are special WelaWear dresses in the making?? I think it would be a great idea to include the light chambray blue like in the one craft.

  6. Please can you explain 'Pinterest' - I tried looking but I need an invite and as I don't know what it is I don't even know if I want an invite!!
    With love from Wales,
    Alice Ming's proud Mama

  7. Jacquie: Can you imagine the block parties we'd have if we were neighbors?!!

    Brenda: I think they're going to wear last year's WelaWear dresses with capris this year. Haven't tried them on yet, so my mom might be getting a panicked last-minute call, but they looked ok when I eyeballed them.

    Kate: Pinterest is my new fave thing! You create your own "bulletin boards" - whatever categories you want. Then whenever you see something online that you want to remember, you just "pin it" to the appropriate bulletin board and the app grabs the picture and the url behind it. So you end up with a whole bunch of visual bulletin boards of any good ideas, instructions, neat pics, whatever, that you've seen.

  8. Love the cupcake/cone idea! I'm taking that one!

  9. These are great! I make cupcakes in ice cream cones all the time already (it's so easy, and is very cute), but I'm totally stealing the cookie-cutter-watermelon idea! And just think, you could do that with other fruit as well, as long as the cookie cutters were small enough or the fruit large enough. (Mango? Cantaloupe?)

  10. LOVE these! I need to get on pinterest -- you are doing free advertising for them, and doing a good job! :)

  11. LOVE the food ideas! will definitely do some of these:)

  12. We love to make strawberry pizza, which can easily be red white & blue pizza if you add blueberries. Spread sugar cookie dough on a pizza pan & bake as directed. Mix up some melted cream cheese & powdered sugar for the icing. Spread some sliced strawberries (& blueberries!) around & drizzle strawberry glaze over it! Done!

  13. If it looks anything like your Kindergarten graduation party, it will be something! Can my family book a plane ticket to come out for the event? ha!

    I promise to bring a dish to share ;-)

  14. I love the luminaries and the table cloth. I might steal those ideas. We also have the wheel barrow and wagons. I guess I'm going to have to host a party!

  15. Love these ideas. Especially the watermelon stars--yum!


  17. Anonymous6/18/2011

    We're going to Kansas, to a very, very, very small town to visit my FIL. I wish I could decorate. :(

  18. Anonymous6/19/2011

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  19. Anonymous6/19/2011

    What fun! I especially like the tablecloth and all of the festive food. Here's a heads up for the luminaries - Freeze some water in the cans before punching (you can use a nail and hammer) to keep the cans from bending while you work on them

  20. I love pinterest!! It's like crack for the visual addict!! Such fun party ideas!!

  21. I am LOVING Pinterest - thanks again for the invitation. And...I love all the things you're pinning, so I just steal them! :)

  22. SO, so much fun with great ideas! Can't wait!!!

  23. Great ideas. I got to check my list but you have great ideas. I love the hats, I might try those. We are planning one for next year so I am excited. you can find some things at the dollar store.

  24. I LOVE that table cloth! So cute! All of it looks so much fun! The cake reminded me of the cupcakes we love to make, super easy, so I'm thinking the cake must be the same where you just spoon in the different colors? FUN!

  25. Anonymous6/20/2011

    Fruit Tart:

    Use one roll of sugar cookie dough and oizza pan to make one BIG cookie.
    Top with cream cheese/powdered sugar/milk mixture (to taste and desired consistency)spread like icing.
    Top with red and blue fruit - blueberries, strawberries, cherries.
    Suitable for breakfast with eggs/bacon as the main dish.

  26. I can't decide what is more exciting to me.....the cake or the beer in the barrel...... Only kidding:)

    All such fabulous and fun Fourth of July things!!

    Nick has always been a fan of the cupcake in the cone..... we have made them for birthday treats to take to school.

    I am thinkng that bundt cake has my name on it......so festive!

    Loved this post.... you rock~



  27. Love that table cloth!!!!!!

  28. Love these ideas! I have some ideas of my own. I particularly like these:

  29. Love this! Can you please sign me up for pinterest?

    Maryellen Briscoe
    maryellen_briscoe@yahoo.com (I forget if you need more info)

    Here's another cute easy idea for you. http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/revolutionary-berries-1015611/

  30. great, great ideas! Thanks for the invite to pinterest (really, thanks...I'm totally addicted now!)

    I think I'm going to skip the party at our house & head to yours instead :)

  31. Just came across this and thought of you.