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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime seventies style

Ok, taking a little poll here: how many of you remember playing on a Slip N’ Slide back when you were a kid?

I sure do. Those things were crazy fun. I didn’t even know they still made them, but we spied one while waiting in a T.J.Maxx check-out line yesterday and it had to be ours. (Yes, we are exactly the kind of impulse buyers that those bulging check-out-line aisles are aimed at!)

We broke it out today, and it was just as much fun as I remembered. (And, interestingly enough, according to the box, was still made by the original manufacturer Wham-O who produced it back in the 70s.)

DSC_6670LRRo went for perfect form, sliding over and over on her belly with arms and legs stretched tightly behind her. She kept screaming “this is AWESOME!!” as she ran back to the front of the line. Funny girl!


Ree preferred more of a Tom Cruise knee slide: DSC_6659LR

She did try out the traditional seal slide a few times (check out those arm muscles, the girls are both ripped from all that monkey-bar action!!!):DSC_6662LR

I didn’t touch belly, knees, toes, or anything else to that thing. It needed to be about 20-degrees hotter outside in my opinion. Brrrr.

Then we relaxed a little with frozen lemonade slushies. Double brrrr.DSC_6656LR

Nice day. Tomorrow the girls start swimming lessons again. They were doing great last summer, but the lessons ended abruptly when Ree broke her arm. Hopefully they’ll pick up right where they left off.


  1. During a fun slip and slide playdate at our house last year, Sara's friend came running to my side and cried, "I slipped! And then I slid!" Yes honey, it's called a Slip and Slide. OH! She replied, and went back to playing on it. Greatest invention since the pool.

  2. So fun! Wow, those arm muscles are spectacular! Look out Miss Buff Bikini Tot :)


  3. I remember those but we did a redneck version with contractor sized trash bags and a garden hose. Love the girl's style and good luck with the swim lessons.

  4. such fun! shower liners also work well :-)

  5. Great form! Ha ha. We bought one of those a week ago and broke it in 3 days ago. Great fun.
    Happy sun.

  6. Wow on those arm muscles. No, I mean really ... WOW! Impressive. Makes me want to run out and buy some monkey bars for my backyard!

    I spotted a slip and slide for
    $15. at our local Dollar Store and couldn't pass it up. It's cheap entertainment for hours!

  7. Anonymous6/13/2011

    Wow, what I would give for those arm muscles!

  8. Anonymous6/13/2011

    That second photo of Ro requires framing! LOVE it.

    What a fun time!

    Aunt Jane

  9. I betcha I spent most of my time on one of those at YOUR house! BobBob probably set it up for us...

    Good times, M3 - thanks for the fun pics!

    (and yes, Jillian Michaels would be jealous of those delts!)

  10. Oh baby those were fun!! What fun that you found one! The girls look great and Ro's form is amazing! Her gymnastics is shining through. Their arm muscles are some impressive! Won't be challenging either of those girlies to an arm wrestle!

    I'm sure your girls will rock the swimming lessons!

  11. I need to find one of those!! Em and Liam would love it...

    I loved your graduation party too!!! Looks like a blast!

  12. We have had one the past few summers, but found them really hard to store between uses without mildew. We had a princess one last year that had a retaining pool area (maybe just the last 2 feet) that was great for an ending splash after a good slide. Super fun!

  13. My son loves these!! We went through two last summer as the end part that has all the water pressure tends to pop easily if stepped on. He thought it was fun to step on. I just bought 3 more this week at Toys 'R Us as they were on sale for $4.99. At that price they can provide hours and hours of fun and then pop! I've also seen them at Wal-Mart and Target for about $9.99ish! Very "cool" summertime fun - and memories for us parents!!

  14. Slip'n'slide at our house means setting the slip'n'slide on the steepest part of the yard, which is pretty steep, then add the regular slide above that, then add 2-3 inflatable wading pools at the bottom. Drag a second hose to the top of the regular slide, throw away the instruction book and launch youself as fast as you can off the top. The crash pools are needed at the bottom or the girls will overshoot the end and skid out on the grass for more than a few feet.

  15. I've got one of these and turn it into the water slide each summer by attaching the hose to the top of the slide with a bungee and putting the nozel on fine mist. Then I put the slip and slide at the base of the slide and roll it out with another hose attached. My daycare kids go nuts and I can't wait for my own daughter to get her first taste of it this summer.

  16. Anonymous6/14/2011

    Mine was called a "Wet Banana" because it had a sprinkler end for the hose shaped like a banana! lol I always hated hitting the grass at the end. Ended up with cuts & scrapes.

  17. Kiddos' elementary school had them out on the front lawn as part of last-day-of-school party.

  18. Anonymous6/14/2011

    We used a giant one (made out of tarps I think) for summer camp every year before the pool opened. Three kids could go down it at once and then crash into each other at the end, ahh the good times.

    Melissa V

  19. Looks like fun! I loved those things when I was a kid. And, the "Tom Cruise" slide made me laugh. It's been over 100 degrees here. I may have to check out getting one for us! I'd totally forgotten about the slip and slide.

  20. Oh yes, my brother and I spent hours on the slip and slide in the mid 80s. We spent many summer days dreaming up new ways to use it. Our most creative was stretching it out at the bottom of our 12 foot tall slide and putting a plastic kiddie pool at the end of the slip n slide. Then we used the garden hose to wet down the 12 foot slide before taking the plunge. It was so slick that we over shot the kiddie pool and ended up in the grass. Good times.

  21. Anonymous6/14/2011

    just a little heads up. my 42-year-old body did not do so well when i tried to re-live the 70s on a slip n slide. i couldn't walk for a week.

  22. Oh yes! We love the slip n slide (then and now.) BUT - for a good laugh you have to search you tube for home made slip and slides. My husband and I laughed for a good hour one evening after watching several videos!

    Loved the grad party pics!

  23. Anonymous6/14/2011

    What a joy it is to watch you raise these beautiful, healthy girls!

  24. Anonymous6/14/2011

    Wait, you didn't reveal your recipe for frozen lemonade slushies!?

  25. Every summer we need a new one because my kids destroy them! They have double ones where they can both slide at the same time. I might get the triple one for mine this year. Have fun!