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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think they spent more time in the water than out

Our quickie girls’ roadtrip to Tahoe was fun, but tiring. (Actually, we all know that only one of the three girls on the trip was tired, and it wasn’t Ro or Ree!)

We got there in the evening, unloaded everything into the cabin, and the girls immediately begged to visit the lake, where they promised to only dip their toes in the water. I am forty-something years old, for cripes’ sake, and STILL fall for that one.

Hm... With nary a paper towel in the van, the soggy little squirts dried off with two sweatshirts and wore a couple of car blankets back to the cabin:

SAMSUNGWe spent the next few days playing around at various beaches around the lake. Oh so many fun beaches to explore and
rocks and sticks to collect. (Which reminds me, need to toss those blasted “treasures” out of the back of the van before the girls remember they’re there...)

One of the beaches was PACKED. More people per square inch of sand than I’ve ever seen there. Ro and Ree were nonplussed, but my introverty self wanted to immediately flee.

It was fine though. I stayed under my nice little umbrella happily munching on Pringles, while the girls built (and rebuilt and rebuilt) their “Great Wall of China”:

We had dinner at The Beacon one night (a must-visit restaurant) and frolicked on the wharf before getting texted that our table was ready (how cool is that?):IMG_0124LR2IMG_0126LRIMG_0132LRIMG_0145LR

The gorgeous-reach-out-and-touch-all-that-blue dinner view at The Beacon always slays me (and we love the food too):

The view straight up from our table wasn’t too shabby either. Ro wanted to know how they kept pinecones from falling on people’s heads. Beats the heck out of me:

We hit a few more water holes the next day, and clearly the girls weren’t too surly about it:
IMG_0163LR IMG_0160LRIMG_0159LR IMG_0169LRIMG_0168LRIMG_0172LR

While Ro and Ree were busy moving every rock in the lake to a new location, I was quite busy admiring my new Tahoe drugstore flip flops. (Yes I am a huge sucker for cute drugstore flip flops!):IMG_0196LR

I think this one is my fave picture, even though it was a complete misfire as my beach chair (and my butt) were suddenly doused by water:IMG_0215LR

Bye Tahoe, we’ll miss you!

PS: The girls slept in until a little after ten a.m. this morn. !!!!! I guess I wasn’t the only tired one after all. And I put names in the alt tags, so mouseover to see who’s who.


  1. That is some serious attitude looks in a couple of those pictures. It looks like a great place and I hope we get to visit there one day.

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful!

    Every single photo!

  3. What an awesome getaway with so much fun, sun, water and sand! And oh, the blue, blue skies and water! Beeeautiful!!!

    Hannah was looking at this post with me and said, 'My Ro and Ree! I go them!!'

    Yes, you're all missed by both of us. Love ya!

  4. This looks like an amazing little getaway! The Beacon? I must eat there one day! While I'm at it I should probably get my butt to California too, that would help!

    This pictures are awesome and you were a really good sport to let them get all soggy the first night in their clothes. I am pretty sure my mom would have put a stop to that!

    I will be coming here often over the next few months for positive twin vibes. I will be having my next frozen embryo transfer of my adopted embryos, having lost the twins I was carrying in February. Your twinadoes make me smile and I am going to need their positive vibes.


  5. Very fun, summer days at the beach are the best.

  6. So much fun! Always so much fun and adventures with you guys!

    Thanking you for this post today. Tate saw the girls, I told her that Ro and Ree love berries and watermelon. Tate has just finished a plate full of both. Thank Ro and Ree too!

  7. The girls achieved a really nice tan~
    Have the best of the rest of the summer!

  8. Fun trip!

    BTW, we always build the Great Wall of China when we're at the beach, too. No boring sand castles for my girls!!

  9. Love the Great Wall made of sand ... too cute!

  10. I can't even choose a favorite! Love this post!

  11. Anonymous7/29/2011

    Where did you get the darling sparkle hoodies? Love them!

  12. Aw, thanks guys!

    Michele - you can't go wrong with Tahoe. It's just amazing there. Hope you get to see it too.

    OziMum - thanks sweetie. TubaDad was just in your neck of the woods by the way (for a few hours at least).

    Catherine: "My Ro and Ree" -- oh my heart!

  13. Ms Pollywog: HUGE hugs and sending you tons of good vibes.

    Lisa~~: Maybe we could all meet up in Tahoe one day!! Wouldn't our little beach girls have fun? (And the big girls too?)

    Lisa: Tell her the girls' fave food ever right now is roasted seaweed (the Korean brand we get at the grocery store). Wonder if she'll eat that stuff?!

  14. Magz: Can you believe they get that through 50+ sunscreen? Ro calls it her "golden tan."

    Truly blessed and Julie: The sandy Great Wall are the best. It's cute when someone stops and asks what they're doing too and gets a loooooong earful.

    Sharon: xoxo

    79b7: The sparkle hoodies are from Nordstrom. They used to have them in pink and silver.

  15. What a beautiful place to go for a fun little getaway!!

    Gosh, I cannot get over how much older the girls are looking all of a sudden. SO GROWN UP and mature........two gorgeous girls!

    Enjoy your weekend~



  16. Love the sparkle effect on the water. Gorgeous!

  17. What a great getaway! Gorgeous photos! Looks like the girls had an amazing time and wow, those views!

    My blog is public now if you ever want to take a peak. You'll see my daughter and I love to try all your great crafty ideas! :-)


    All the best,