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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still kicking, even in this heat wave

DSC_7280LRCatherine has always enjoyed perfect 80-degree California weather when she’s visited, but not this year. Oh man, we’re having a SCORCHER. Earlier this week, we went to Gilroy Gardens, lasted for a few hours, then dragged our wilted butts back to the car thinking we were just wimps, only to find out it was 99 degrees in Gilroy that day. Yeouch. The kids still looked cute, all dressed in their red and white in honor of Canada Day, and they were peppy enough to make up for our sluggishness.


Later, Ro collapsed on the way to dinner, so maybe she wasn’t quite as peppy as I thought:

A nice dinner of Texas BBQ and a little Target shopping seemed to rev everyone back up, and Ro and Ree found two adorable blue maxi dresses on the clearance rack:

The kids really are having a ball together, and it just cracks me up that Hannah wants to do everything the “big” girls are doing, and exactly like they’re doing it:IMG_0885LRDSC_7423LRDSC_7439LR

PS: I’m guessing you’ll see a whole bunch more pics like these two if it doesn’t cool the heck down already, which is just fine by me:


  1. Lori K7/06/2011

    Love the dresses and are those Rapunzel Jammies?? where did you find them?! Hope you all keep cool - maybe a water park?

  2. Anonymous7/06/2011

    The heat we're having here in TX -- so early in the season -- is killing me slowly. I seriously have a headache every day.

    Oh! And Elle has that maxi dress. Ma Mere sent it to her. So pretty!

  3. The cuteness is all so overwhelming!! SO happy that you are all enjoying the visit. :)
    Take good care of my girls!

  4. Finally, finally, finally we have some sunshine in the PNW. Otherwise I would continue to be jealous of your 99 degree days! (I'm still KIND OF jealous-- we don't get quite enough warmth for me to get over it entirely.)

    Glad you guys are having such fun!

  5. Anonymous7/06/2011

    Suggestions for your POPS molds:

    Blend watermelon gently and stir in fresh blueberries.

    Jello chocolate pudding mix with peanut butter (warmed slightly), caramel topping, or raspberries stirred in.

    I recently bought the very same molds at Target . . .

  6. Lori: Yep, Rapunzel jams! The girls were overjoyed to open that sweet package from Catherine. She ordered them from Disney.

  7. Anon: Oh man, those popsicles sound AMAZING. We are going to have to try those immediately.

  8. Yea this heat in the Bay has been killer. My A/C is still going at 9 at night. And you guys are totally in my neck of the woods. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what restaurant you are at in the pic with Tuba Dad.

  9. So cute!!!!! I love their outfits in every single picture. We must be getting some of your heat. We heat 101 on Sunday.

    Have a great time together!!!

  10. Anonymous7/06/2011

    Looks like a blast! 3 adorable cuties!


  11. Is it bad that I wnat to join in all the fun the girls are having?

    And I have one huge question.....where in the world is Hannah's tiara? Her outfits just aren't complete without the same bling accessories as the twins have ya know.

  12. The girls all look so precious in their red and white. Also love them in their matching jammies! Looks like great girlie fun over there...even in the heat!