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Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday snapshots

TubaDad’s folks flew into town from Texas, and then the whole crew went out for a birthday dinner at Ro and Ree’s fave Chinese restaurant. The girls had potstickers, seafood sizzling rice soup, scallops, and steamed rice with the seafood sprinkles they brought from home.

Then it was home for cake and presents. My folks made yummy Great Wall of China cakes for the girls – the girls gasped when they saw them. They might even love the Great Wall more than Mulan (double gasp).


The spark scooters were a big, big hit:DSC_8399LRDSC_8400LRDSC_8406LRDSC_8423LRDSC_8456LR

And they also got Flitter Fairies, which took nine people to figure out (and we’re actually still not sure we did it right).DSC_8482LRDSC_8488LRDSC_8394LR

It was a goooooood birthday. The girls grinned all day, and the festivities continue this weekend. Happy birthday to our big six-year olds. Let’s slow it down a little between birthdays next time, ok?


  1. Anonymous10/07/2011

    I think the cakes should be dubbed The Great Wall of Cake :). Very impressive. Can't wait for the party with all the kids and your famous cake.

  2. Great cakes! Can't wait to see the dragon cakes. Have a wonderful birthday weekend Ree and Ro...from LilyKate and Eleanor!

    P.S. MM, I totally feel you on the slowing down idea...time just whizzes by, like your girls on those scooters. I just want to freeze certain moments for a while!

  3. OMG those sparking scooters are so RAD! Glad the girls enjoyed their birthday. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to the girls!

  5. Anonymous10/07/2011

    yay! i love love love those cakes! yum!

    there's a youtube on how to work the fairies. do they like them?


  6. The cakes look great!! Looking forward to the dragon cake! I'm taking a break from making a princess cake for my daughter's birthday today.
    LOVE the fairies.. Do they work? Are they heavy and pull the girls hair or pull the clip out?
    Krista D

  7. wow! What a great party and surrounded by those who love them most! Just the way it should be!

    Happy Birthday girlies! We love you!!

    (And Mama, I'm with you about the slowin' down thing! Hannah is already talking about what theme she wants for her 3rd birthday party! Oye!!)

  8. Anonymous10/07/2011

    What a fun party! Love you, Ro and Ree!! Big birthday hugs from us!!

    Aunt Jane & Uncle Bobby

  9. I want one of those spark scooters! They look so cool. :)

    Happy birthday, Salsa Twins.

  10. Very nice. I'm sure you've got a whole weekend of activities to keep the celebration going a little longer. Everyone knows that the Salsa household likes to party.

  11. Love it all! I love all that you do for them, and really...slow it down girls!

  12. What a fabulous birthday week the girls have been having! Love those scooters!! Love the picture of all of you. Hugs to you!