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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bright, bold, zany Chinese party decorations


After Ro and Ree chose a Chinese theme for their birthday party, we went on several fun scouting expeditions to find unique decorations in Chinatown and local Chinese grocery stores. They settled on the bold color scheme of purple, red, and gold, and had a blast finding everything in those colors.

We had some decorations already from our China trip in 2006 and also got festive accents from San Francisco’s Chinatown like purple dragon puppets, a huge wall fan, red silk table runners, mini teacups, and red and purple parasols.DSC_8637LRDSC_8595LRDSC_8709LRDSC_8571LR DSC_8711LRDSC_8723LRDSC_8726LRDSC_8748LR-2


Such a fun, fun party -- it ended up being bright, bold, and zany, just like Ro and Ree!

Thank you to our ace party crew: decorating committee Ma and Pa, laddermen TubaDad and Clark, chocolate whisperer Kristina, right-hand-woman Maggie – you guys helped put together a wonderful party for our little babes. The house looks so bright and festive that we don’t want to ever take the decorations down.

Next posts will feature dragon-cake instructions and party activites (including Mulan gazing).

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  1. It all looks so fun and festive, I want to party at your house. Again, happy #6 Ro & Ree.

  2. It does look great. I'm going to keep this theme in mind for when Sunshine is older. So cute and so fun!

  3. What fun, bright, beautiful decorations!! What a great theme your kiddos chose and your decorating team rocked!

  4. Anonymous10/10/2011

    Did the girls help decorate?

    How long did it take you, or did you say and i missed it....

  5. Anonymous10/10/2011

    Cool party M3! how did you do the water bottles? -Janny

  6. Looks so fun! Happy, happy birthday!

  7. Thanks guys!!

    Anon: the girls picked everything out, but they didn't help decorate on the night before the party (they were very busy playing with new birthday toys). The decorating (including making the banners, doing the water bottle labels, hanging everything, etc) took, I don't know, a few hours? We didn't work at it constantly. We started after everyone came home from a golf tourney late in the afternoon.

    Janny: I used Photoshop to make a 1.5" x 3.5" rectangle, then pasted in the girls' pic, some Chinese characters from Google images, and some text for their names. Then I saved it as a jpg and placed that jpg a bunch of times into MS Word (so I had 6 on a page), then printed and cut the labels out, then attached them to the water bottles with packing tape. Actually Ma did that part, bless her. The tape totally covered the labels, so they were fairly water resistant. Even so, we put the bottles on ziploc bags of ice in the drink bucket so they wouldn't get submerged and mess up the labels.

  8. Anonymous10/10/2011

    great job!

  9. Anonymous10/11/2011

    great impressed!!!!..esp the whater bottle with chinese words"happy birthday"

  10. Awesome decorations! Love how you put it all together!