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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So not the same

Ro and Ree are two very different little girls, of course. I know that. But I’m still just tickled to find obvious physical differences between them.

Remember back in October I posted that they scooter with different legs? (Ree pushes with the left leg, while Ro pushes with the right one).

Well that made me curious about other stuff. So I grabbed the camera and asked them to indulge me in a few tests. They thought it was hilarious.

Turns out they cartwheel with different legs and arms too:

Hopping was inconclusive (Ro always hops on her right leg while Ree uses both the left and right at different times):

They both gallop with the right leg in front:DSC_9320LR

And they both hold a bat the same direction (although Ro looks tough as hell in her stance, ready to cream that ball and anything else in her path, while Ree seems gigglingly ready to hug the ball):

They both kick with the right foot:

And they wink with different eyes (Ro closes her left eye and Ree closes the right one):

Anyhow, funny to see what they do and how they do it. They’re both right handed, by the way, for writing, cutting, eating, etc. But Ro’s handwriting is quite a bit neater, and sometimes I wonder if Ree originally started as a left hander but saw her sister using her right hand and ended up copying her? I guess we’ll never know...


  1. So cute! They are getting entirely too big.

    (Side note: We aren't in Dallas anymore, moved to CO Springs at the end of September, should your travels ever bring you this way instead!)

  2. I'm a fan of Taiwanese American author Grace Lin. Hope that your girls have read "Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same!"

    Forgive me if I've recommended this for you before... and just forgot. :)


  3. I never used to be able to tell the girls apart. However, as their personalities have emerged, even I can tell them apart!

  4. It sounds that Ro is completely lateralized with her rt side being dominant whereas Ree has not completely lateralized yet.

  5. Anonymous11/10/2011

    Our girls are the same way...it's like they are mirror images in somethings. They used to fall asleep in the car with their heads both tilting out, or both in, but never in the same direction. I think we may have also had a lefty and righty, but they copied each other. Eleanor was going back and forth between r and l until settling on right, like her sister. I love this post! I need to conduct my own scientific experiments!

  6. its called "mirror twins". My girls are mirror twins as their swirls in their hair is opposite, even though they are both right handed/Cammie started lefty. Also, their birth marks etc are on the opposite sides. And they always do the opposite to start.

    Its an actual real thing..check it out.

  7. ¡Que felices se ven las niƱas!

  8. Anonymous11/10/2011

    This is going to be really creepy - so apologies beforehand. There are studies that show that most left handed babes actually started as twins and took over the womb that led to the other baby being lost. It makes sense that as a species we'd try and "sew more seeds" and plan on only one making it more often than not. So it's not surprising that your twins should be opposites in terms of handedness (or inclination).

  9. Anonymous11/10/2011

    I noticed that Ree is holding the bat lefthanded eventhough she is turned the same way as her sister.

  10. There are different degrees of mirror-ing in Mirror Image Twins. In extreme cases, even internal organs are on opposite sides. The only thing my twin daughters do on the same side is breathe on the left when swimming freestyle. Everything else is opposite. Their hair whorls go in opposite directions, when sleepy opposite eyes get smaller, even their teeth erupted and are falling out on opposite sides. As for personalities - one is definitely left brained and the other definitely right brained.

  11. I'm laughing because Kenna does everything left footed -- scooters, kicks a soccer ball, hops -- and Michal does everything with her right. Kenna writes right handed but we think she probably was a lefty just like you're guessing Ree was.

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  13. Very cute observations!

  14. Cute! What fun things to see.

    Thanks so much for the info on the area. I will have more questions. I do hope he ends up spending most of his time in areas other than the dicey ones....the news has made me nervous lately!

    Thanks again.

  15. Check for eye dominance, it has to do with depth perception and is not a signal to worry about one eye being weak or ineffective but it is interesting. Here is a link that explains it: http://www.usaeyes.org/lasik/faq/lasik-monovision-dominant-eye.htm
    Perhaps they are different in that regard as well. They sure are little dollies, I love reading about their adventures in life.

  16. What a fun 'study' on your amazing twinados!! I'm guessing when the walk up or down the stairs they probably start with opposite feet too. Hmmm...wonder what other things can be compared? This is fun!

  17. One is completely lateralized with her rt side being dominant whereas the other one has not completely lateralized yet. I am looking forward in to seeing how they will look in the future