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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Science fair (knowing Ree we should probably call it “science flair”)

The school science fair is coming up and Ree has decided to participate. It’s optional for first graders (most of her classmates, including Ro, aren’t going anywhere near it), but little Ree is quietly excited. She was supposed to turn in a single sentence that told what she was going to focus on for the project. Well she adds her own special touch to everything she does, so Ree’s one sentence looked like this:ScienceFairSubject_Ree



PS: We’re doing fine, just busy with a whole lotta mundaneness that wouldn’t make for good blog reading. We’re getting close to ripping out the kitchen for our kitchen remodel (holy moly I’ve spent a lot of time on this lately), so I’ll take a bunch of before pics and post those along with our design plans. And we’re planning to spend the upcoming school break in Hawaii (TubaDad finally flew enough to get four free tix – yay!), so there will definitely be some good beach stories to tell.


  1. Glad to hear all is well. You're missed!!!

    Way to go Ree! I learned something from you today. Thank you sweet girl!

  2. Yea! (Long-time reader and fan of your blog, but I almost never comment.) Glad to know you were just busy and that all is well. Good luck to Ree in the Science Flair!

  3. My daughter is in the Science Fair today. Her project was to see what type of wrappings keep apples freshest the longest in the refrigerator :) Good luck to REE!

  4. Momof2 -- I'm so curious, whch was it?

  5. Anonymous2/02/2012

    Very impressive for a 1st grader!

    //Former 2nd grade teacher

  6. Very cool!! Sara is comparing toothpastes (lots of late night snacking and petri dish swabbing). Kelly is showing how a mirror works, if only she could understand any of our explanations. Ugh.

    Ree will be great! Who doesn't love crystals?

  7. Glad to hear you're doing fine -- I was starting to worry. But everyone needs a break, and it is much more important to do even mundane things with your family than to keep us entertained with your delightful stories. :-) I love your blog sooooo much and read every single post, but I would still rather you spend time with your family than make my day with your stories and great photos. Blessings!

  8. That is really impressive for a 1st grade science fair. I will be excited to hear her findings and how she did the experiment. I love how she even included borax.

  9. Anonymous2/03/2012

    I'm impressed, especially since she did it without being required to do so!


  10. I will go back to Hawaii with you as your guide. I would do that for you!

    Love the science fair baby! Awesome. MIT watch out.

  11. Ohhhh science fair projects! I'm so glad to be done with those for a while! Oh but wait...I'll be back at it in just a few short years! Good times!

    Glad all is well...miss you and would love a get together soon...it is like summer around here lately, maybe we could do a beach day to get you guys ready for HI. :)