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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A foolproof springtime craft: marshmallow flower cupcakes

Ro and Ree invited a couple of girlfriends over for a spring crafting playdate, so I set them up with all the fixings to make marshmallow flower cupcakes (found the great idea here). Blew our socks off! Seriously, you HAVE to make these. Your kids will love them and there is no way to mess them up.


1. Cupcakes (we made white cupcakes with vanilla icing)
2. Mini marshmallows (we used both white ones and colored ones)
3. Sugar sprinkles (as many colors as you can find)
4. Kitchen shears (so you don’t gunk up your regular scissors cutting the marshmallows)
5. Snack-sized ziploc baggies
6. Candies to make the flower centers (we used some old M&Ms and Skittles that the girls got in birthday favor bags)

1. Bake and ice your cupcakes
2. Cut marshmallows diagonally and drop a few at a time into baggies of sprinkles. Shake gently. The sugar will stick to the cut sides.
3. Arrange marshmallows on your cupcake.
4. Add a candy for the center if desired.
5. Use green licorice or fruit roll to make stems if desired.
6. Take a picture because you won’t believe how good they look.
7. Eat!


Ree made these two:

And Ro made these:IMG_1715LR-3

All of the kiddos made such fun cupcakes, and (as always) it just tickled me to see the different ways they expressed themselves. This would make a great kid station at an Easter party! Just set up a table with pre-iced cupcakes, marshmallows, baggies of sprinkles, and a few finished cupcake examples and let your guests go to town. If we were going to have the Bunny Bash this year (instead of some harrowing kitchen demolition), this is exactly what we’d be doing.


  1. Anonymous3/25/2012

    Those look fabulous! Time for S2 and H2 to copy the Salsa girls again!

  2. So cool! We must try this. Kelly wants a "rainbow art party" for her 5th. This would be a fun craft table activity (with drop cloths of course).

    I'm having flashbacks to the year they all got the flu, and didn't they puke into Easter buckets? Maybe a kitchen demolition is a good change of pace?

    1. Hm, I do remember those Easter buckets getting heavy non-intended use... Bring on that demolition!!

  3. Those are amazing! Your girls did created such beautiful cupcakes!

    I now know what we're going to make for the grandparents for Easter this year!!

  4. Anonymous3/25/2012

    I'm digging these! They are beautiful. This is what I'm making for Easter Dinner dessert! Thanks!

    Love, Aunt Jane

  5. K2, Catherine, and Jane -- can't wait to see your cupcakes!! These were so fun. You can also use the large-size marshmallows for a different more rounded-petal look, but everyone who was here today opted for the small ones.

  6. Anonymous3/25/2012

    we are going to make these soon, great idea:)
    Lorraine and Adia

  7. Awesome! I think even I could do these!

  8. Anonymous3/26/2012

    How did they taste?

    1. Great, but it probably depends totally on your cupcakes/icing. The girls like vanilla/vanilla, so that's what we made.

  9. Kauai E3/26/2012

    Those are GORGEOUS!! What fun for the girls to make!

  10. Seriously, they are fabulous! You are fabulous. I think we will make those this weekend. Not to hard for my very tired brain.

  11. We are making these at our Easter Egg Hunt party this weekend! Thank you for the idea!

  12. These look adorable. I wish i liked marshmallows!! Still, I might have Emily give this a whirl next weekend. Soooo cute!

  13. My 11 and 9-year-old girls made these this weekend with me. They were easy and so cute. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Anonymous4/03/2012

    we made these as cakes!!!! so cool sucking on a spachla right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome! (And I heartily approve of the batter licking)