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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall fun

The weather actually turned chilly for a few days and I had to wear a jacket today! It’s supposed to be back in the high eighties next week, but for now we’re snuggled up in fleecy PJs with a fire going. Ahhhhh.

Here are a few quick peeks at fall around our yard. Makes me so excited! (click pictures to see bigger versions)

I love the way our grapevines say hello to fall:

I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but it is bursting with bright, riotous little fiery balls of fun:

Our tiny Japanese maple reached down to me as I walked past the hill:

This one brave Rose is the only bright spot against a yard that is turning all shades of fall:

Was watching the girls’ horseback riding lesson when I spied this secret place behind the barn. A storm was just blowing in and the mist was rolling toward me:

And one last one, not from nature this time -- fall is the start of symphony season around this house. So we’re lucky enough to hear and see practice sessions like this one on the stairs. I like the way you can see TubaDad’s wedding ring in this pic:

Have a wonderful, warm, toasty weekend!


  1. ooooh, I love your photos! I get excited about fall too and miss the changing leaves. I got to wear a sweatshirt today, so fun! :-)

  2. What wonderful fall pics! Ahhh....cool temps and a fire in the fire place. Perfect!

  3. Lychee, I think the fruit is lychee. If it is, it's edible.

    1. Not just edible, delicious! Split the skin on one and open it up, the fruit should be translucent-white and with a relatively large brown seed in the middle. Will be stick and sweet - enjoy!

  4. Great pictures! I love fall, except it means snow is coming. I hate that part about fall.

  5. It's Lychee. We ate it every day fresh while in China. A great find at your new place :)

  6. It looks like an Irish Strawberry Tree not a Lychee, the fruit is edible but doesn't taste like much of anything.

  7. All so gorgeous, but I really love that last one!