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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Their own horses

Birthday morning on Oct 6 started off with family presents (a bunch of books this year) in the big bed, which is always a great way to start any day. But then it got even better. My folks snuck over and hid a long string that wound its way through the backyard, leading to clues along the way (like curry combs and plastic carrots).

The string eventually brought Ro and Ree to the playhouse where they found (insert much screaming here) the two electronic horses they were pining for:

(insert more screaming)(and even more)(I almost dropped the camera it was so loud)

Watching my dad and Ro try to muscle the big horse out of the tiny playhouse door just killed me:

Ree had asked for Baby Butterscotch and has covered it with kisses and slept with the critter every night since:

And Ro had asked for Big Butterscotch, which she can actually sit on. Oh the joy:

The two horses have been loved half to death so far. Luckily they’re tough.

Thank you BobBob and Wela.


Thanks also to Ma and Pa, who sent over the incredibly cute Jasmine costumes and accessories. Ro and Ree put them on immediately and then wanted to sleep in full costume and jewelry that night. We convinced them that even royalty settles for plain old pajamas at bedtime.

PS: Next post – the party. Too many pics to add to this post (shocker, eh?). And by the way, I’m now seriously behind (Bday party, visit to the pumpkin patch, recipes for corn cake, white enchiladas, roasted parmesan green beans, and more). Yeesh, could do a post a day for the rest of Oct. Maybe I will. 


  1. I want to see the party! I can't imagine what it was like after horses, bikes, and full costumes!!

  2. Anonymous10/09/2012

    Oh do post them all!!! Love hearing about the exploits of Ro and Ree!

  3. M3 - it is fascinating that Ree wanted that little cuddly horse and Ro wanted the mega-horse. And that Ree doesn't feel in the slightest jealous of the big horsey. And I LOVE the dresses. Can Wela please come up with a dress for me - size 10???

    1. Good eye Brenda, those are WelaWear. Well at least the top dresses are. They put little skirts from Target underneath.

  4. Anonymous10/09/2012

    <3 too adorable.

  5. Ok, I was scrolling like mad to get to the end of this post because I was fully convinced the girls were getting real horses for their birthday. They would fit nicely in your back yard. :)

  6. Hey, no poop to clean. Winner, winner!

  7. Adorable! Kelsey got her big horse when she was 4 and has played with it, loved it daily since. S'mores (aka Sparkles Puddin') started her love affair with the noble steed :).

    She's asked for Baby Butterscotch for Christmas and it's on layaway at TRU as I write this.

    Happy Birthday big seven year olds! it's a great age!

  8. Anonymous10/09/2012

    Love it what a wonderful birthday surprises. Love the Jasmine costumes. If you dont mind me asking I do wonder how tall your girls are. If its pics but to me they look tall or taller then most their age?


    1. Hi Erika, they're just under 47" -- about the same as the medium-sized kids in their class (there are some shorter and some way taller). Oh, and I just measured them a few days ago and Ree is a little taller than Ro, which is always cause for huge gloating in this house. ;-)

  9. Wela & BobBob outdid themselves! Wela especially with those dresses.....you are inspiring me to sew for my granddaughter! The princess costumes are beautiful.....aren't grandparents wonderful!!

  10. I think it's great that they wanted two different sized horses and no fighting or jealousy over the other one. In my house, I would have had to buy both both of them or listen to the endless arguments. LOL :)

  11. Whoa! Check out those great horses! The Jasmine pajamas are great! Hannah still loves her 'Bwave' nightgown you gave her and would wear it every night if I let her!

    What a fun start to a great birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday!! So sweet, wonderful and lucky girls! Love seeing their smiles (and not the screams!!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  13. The picture of Ro on the horse in the Jasmine costume playing with an ipad is perhaps my most favorite picture EVER of her. It's hysterical. When I look at it, I chuckle out loud, how can you not?
    I'm glad that girls had such a terrific 7th birthday! Looks like a blast to me!

  14. Maryellen10/16/2012

    Nice work-around on avoiding the real pony! hehe. What an awesome day! I agree - grandparents are the bomb! The picture picture of Ro, on the horse, in costume, on the iPad! Just put that one in a time capsule and label it "the good life, 2012". :>

    I was behind on posts - so glad I found October! Enjoy.