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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cell phone and purse camera catch-up

I guess we’ve been busy... Finally downloaded some on-the-fly pics and here are the glimpses I found:

Using a vine and twingenuity to climb trees ~ it’s hard to beat a candy store with a mascot ~ a neighbor gave us oodles of homegrown tomatoes so we roasted up a storm:
2012-09-01 14.39.272012-09-03 13.55.102012-09-05 17.49.11

Bouldering at the rock gym ~ yummy cheese plate ~ Petco scavenger hunt is so fun!:
2012-09-23 13.55.222012-09-29 18.18.352012-10-02 16.48.29

Wild turkeys blocking my morning walk ~ horse-crazy girls ~ fessing up to how the vase got a dusty handprint (after much coercion and finally promises of immunity):
2012-10-09 08.36.012012-10-12 21.45.092012-10-12 21.47.32

Family night at the rodeo, the girls sat on Pepe the bull and braved the mechanical beast too:
2012-10-27 17.17.46IMG_2949IMG_2961

Weekly homework club at our house (the group does homework then plays):

Dipped below 60 and the girls said they were freezing, actually willingly put on hats, gloves, and jackets ~ their PJ-layering technique is just nutty ~ how can Ree sleep under all this stuff? (see her hair peeking out at the top right):
DSC_41032012-11-03 19.05.40-2DSC_4851LR

Still loving their weekly horse-back riding lessons ~ brushing and handing out horse cookies are fave parts of every lesson ~ walking into the men’s dept at Nordstrom Ro yelled “Mama, why is there so much blue?!”
IMG_2972LRIMG_2968LR2012-11-10 18.29.04-2

Family fun day, just got in the van and found some adventure  ~ had brunch at a neat restaurant that has thousands of items on the walls and does a scavenger hunt for kids ~ the shopping center has a cool giant redwood replica:

Look who we ran into! Santa rocked, he told Ro and Ree they needed to be kind to each other and not fight because “You’re sisters by chance, but you’re best friends by choice.” ~ have you seen the Magic Cabin catalog? The girls have already started Christmas lists based on that catalog ~ still loving archery lessons, and they can hit a bullseye from so far back:

Whew, that should cover everything. Now I’m all caught up again and things can slow down for the holidays. (hahaha insert maniacal laughter here).


* Awesome Petco scavenger hunt by Kelle Hampton can be found here
* We’d never heard of Magic Cabin before, but they sent us a catalog this month, and Ro and Ree have loved it to shreds already.


  1. Anonymous11/13/2012

    I had to catch my breath when I saw the "vase photo." How did you see a dusty handprint from afar and did you ask them to show you how one or both produced the handprint? I got the willies just looking at the photo.

    Can't quite tell what kind of pony one of them wants? didn't they got one for a birthday? Or is this the REAL kind?

    Love the homework club. Now that's the way to study!

  2. I love Magic Cabin. I think that's where we got all the play silks (best toy in the history of toys). Wow...60 degrees. That sounds nice. It's 30 here this morning and it snowed on Monday. It was pretty, but thank God it melted off before lunch.

    OK, the vase shot made me catch my breath. I actually felt more confident having watched your girls for years. They are athletically gifted. So I won't share ER nursing stories here...just tell them I've got stories from stunts like this. They aren't the first cuties to see those stairwell rails as "optional". Still...I gotta say...impressive. The game has a name, doesn't it? Is it "Touch The Vase?" Sara and Kelly have both tried to inch along the outer edge of ours. They called it "Walk the Plank"!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The dusty handprint also scared me to death!! Kids are fearless!

  4. The dusty handprint photo scared the heck out of me! Did you ask them to recreate how they did it? Oh Lord, my heart! Glad no one was hurt!

  5. That vase picture, ahhhhh! That made me equally parts terrified and a little amused for you! You poor thing!

  6. Anonymous11/14/2012

    OMG I am hooked on the magic cabin catalogue!!!!

  7. Anonymous11/14/2012

    Oh my the picture of the vase was terrifying!!!

  8. Thanks for the update. Love seeing the girls grow and change and all of their activities. Though, the picture of the vase and unknown culprit, scared me to death. Wow, is all I can say. Maybe , I shoudl be thankful for living in a ranch designed house.
    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

  9. Anonymous11/14/2012

    HOLY CRIPES....fearless does not even come close to describing that child! Did the immunity last?


  10. I am with everyone else that vase photo is terrifying! I just stared at it in amazement. WOW.. I can't imagine how nervous you were watching her do it, and even more nervous about how many times it has been done in the past... AKKKK!

  11. Anonymous11/14/2012

    Okay, but I still have to know....did they find the bear shadow??????

  12. You have been busy! Wow.... love the homework club! Great idea!!!! I want to have a eat chocolate club for me. Hold it when the kids are in school. That would be great. Your darling baby is quite brave! Scary, but they make life fun too.

  13. I think the vase picture just gave me a heart attack!
    My almost four year old has to climb in a chair to reach light switches, but I could see her trying that some day.

  14. OMG, I almost just had a nervous breakdown! At least you know you've got one up for dusting in high places! lol

  15. Psst, your email account may have been hacked. Sent you email already, but this is just to be sure.

  16. My stomach is still in knots after looking at that hand print pic!!! Zoinks that's high!!!

    Thanks for the catch up. Miss you! So much fun stuff happening! We're going for Christmas pics tonight then I'm surprising Hannah with a trip to see Santa. Works perfectly as she's already dressed up and a Tuesday evening in November = much smaller line ups. That ensures Mama stays on the nice list since she doesn't have to stand in line for an hour only to be told, 'Santa just needs to feed his reindeer. He'll be back in 45 mins.' 45??!!! Oh yes, can you tell this happened one time?!

    Happy playing friend! We miss you. xoxo

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  18. Always love catching up with your family!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  19. Alright, looked through all the photos again.
    Time for some more :)

    Uncle Bobby

    1. Ha!! Just working on the Texas photos. New stuff coming in a sec.