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Monday, December 31, 2012

Neighborhood walkabout and Jinli Street in Chengdu

The first day in Chengdu we had a free morning, so we set off on foot. Ended up walking a huge square around our hotel (partly because we were afraid if we zigzagged around we’d get lost) and saw the most interesting neighborhoods. Everywhere we looked were bright, colorful shops, clothing, and wares that you wouldn’t find at home and cute little babies and kids bundled up in layers upon layers.


See the raw meat hanging from the hooks? This store freaked the girls out a little. I think walking past the huge pig heads got to them.


After a leisurely morning on our own the group went to a place called Jinli Street. Not at all what I was expecting. It was a maze of picturesque shops, interesting architecture, and beautiful sights. I kept putting the camera away (because I was cold and wanted gloves on) and then we’d turn another corner and I’d grab it again. If you ever have the chance to visit Jinli Street, grab it.


The girls rode in style for a while, and got quite a few stares. Everywhere we go people look back and forth at them, then grin and hold up two fingers questioningly. When we nod yes and say “Shuang” (twins), they are so excited:DSC_6988LR_ChengduDSC_6990LR_ChengduDSC_6993LR_Chengdu

You could buy little bags representing love, happiness, wealth, health, or a few other things and then tie them on this tree. Bobby and Jane bought two for our family and then hung them up.


We popped in this little stall to pick out some tea for Wela and ended up getting to taste some different options. Ro and Ree initially only wanted the tea with a panda on the box, but after tasting a few went with a different choice, which we’ll keep a surprise:

This was day 8 of the Grand China Adventure and the kids were really running low on sleep. This was a hard tour for adults to keep up with, let alone tired seven-year-olds. They had been getting more and more hyper and gradually losing control for the past two days so we skipped tonight’s planned opera and got them in bed early (so did about half of the parents of the littles). Ahhhh, SUCH a good decision.

Next up, the Pandas!! Every kiddo on the tour has been waiting for the pandas. Shoot, the adults are pretty excited too.


  1. Anonymous12/31/2012

    So wonderful that you all can be together to see these sights with the girls. A trip of a life time.

  2. What an amazing experience!

  3. Anonymous12/31/2012

    Make sure you eat the mandarin oranges. When we went in December 2006, they were like candy.

  4. information is beautiful and hot news

  5. Beautiful pics!

    Ah yes, I totally understand overtired kiddos = more hyper and running around like a wild person! Extra sleep was a great decision!