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Friday, December 28, 2012

Standing on the Great Wall of China

If you’ve been to China, you probably stood where we stood and said the same thing we did “Can you believe we’re standing on the Great Wall??!!” Cool, surreal, and weird, all at the same time. And just as awe-inspiring the second time.


I think I had just punched Bobby in the arm here and said “Look where we are!” for the twentieth time or so:

We sent the girls up as high as they could go with Bobby and Jane:DSC_6606LR_GreatWallDSC_6608LR_GreatWall

It was so icy on the wall that people were bent over double on the way back down trying to keep a hand on the railing at all times. So we walked down the little path to the bottom. Well some of us walked, and some ran.DSC_6622LR_GreatWall

Ro’s bus window drawing on the way back to the hotel:

One of the tiny houses I saw out the bus window as we sped by:

Back at the hotel the girls just wanted some Cup ‘o Noodles before climbing into bed. Ahhh, comfort food:

PS: Thanks to Jane for taking our family shot and so many other great photos! It is so nice to actually be in some of the pics with a second photographer here.


  1. LOVE! Reminds me of our trip two years ago!! Safe travels to all!

  2. Love the shot of the girls scrambling up on all fours!

  3. Love following your journey back to China...we were at the Great Wall last December, your pictures bring back so many memories!

  4. I don't think I have ever commented on your posts, but I have been reading your blog since before you got the girls. I have enjoyed it so much, but this is just the total best! I bet they are in heaven! And you, too! You two are wonderful parents and the girls are just precious. Thanks for sharing! (No China in Dec. for me. We went in May!)

  5. Brings back memories...except for the icy cold weather :) But you all look ready for Siberia so I'm sure you are nice and cozy!

  6. Anonymous12/29/2012

    Your photos and running commentary are just great!

  7. The photos are outstanding. They could be framed once back home! I am so glad Jane is taking some for you all as well so that all 4 of you are in them. I bet it is wonderful have Jane and Bobby along!!! What terrific memories you are creating. I am really enjoying the photos and your descriptions. I live in WI so the weather you are having there is like our winters. It IS cold and icy and we've now had snow for 36 hrs. straight! I love all your warm gear!! Continue to enjoy and treasure your time in China!! Blessings to all of you.

  8. Anonymous12/29/2012

    Ni hao, ya'll!

    Those are great pictures. They really bring back memories of our time there with you in 2006. We are so proud you all are making this trip and seeing so many wonderful things. The girls will remember this trip the rest of their lives. Enjoy the panda preserve and the rest of the trip.

    Pa and Ma

  9. These are fantastic photos and I just love the information about your awesome trip. Never too many photos!! Can't wait to read/see more... and hopefully some additions once you get home. Enjoy!

  10. Anonymous12/30/2012

    11/2/06-11/16/06 for our babygirl...I remember Xi'an like it was yesterday. Hope to revisit someday. LOVE the photos.


  11. So awesome. This trip is truly one memorial experience for all of you.

  12. Anonymous1/02/2013

    Hi Mary! I was on your trip and we now refer to the Wall as "The Great Wall of Icy Death." Glad we all made it up and down in one piece! Laurie

  13. Seeing you on the Great Wall gave me goosebumps as it brought back SO many wonderful memories!

    It's great to see Mama in so many of the pics!