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Friday, January 11, 2013

Slowly getting back to “normal”

I couldn’t even type “normal” without snickering, but I guess we are getting back to what’s considered normal for us.

The first few days of school were tough – no one in this house was ready for that alarm clock. I actually thought I was going to throw up when I stood up that first morning after maybe two hours of sleep. Had to sit back down for a few minutes and put my head between my knees before I could go brush my teeth.

But gradually, gradually I think we’ve all started sleeping at night (for the most part).

BobBob and Wela came over that first day and brought a fun “you put it together however you want” corral for the girls menagerie of horses. Big hit:

That was the day the girls didn’t fall asleep until who knows what wee hour of the morning, and then slept until 2:30pm, by the way. It was also the day I was in pajamas all day.

Yesterday the girls were thrilled to wear their new Chinese padded dresses to school. This is just a quick purse camera shot as they headed out the door, so the details are hard to see, but the dresses really are cool. Thick, padded, warm, and with dragons embroidered on the front. Ro’s is a pale pink and Ree’s is a bright fuschia:

Here’s to normal!


  1. Anonymous1/11/2013

    I was just about to ask if things were getting better and it sounds like they are. I hate jet lag and the older I get the harder it is and it doesn't matter what direction the plane is flying. Going east does seem to be worse.

    The dresses are very pretty. How much sharing of the trip are Ro and Ree doing in their classes?

    1. There was a little flurry of sharing (by all the kids) on the first day back - "Over vacation I..." And they have big plans for their respective Star of the Week posters which are coming soon.

  2. Jet lag is the worst! But I love the horse corral. So cute!

  3. Anonymous1/11/2013

    I'm sure you get this a lot but those girls have beautiful smiles.

  4. Hope you will be able to get some rest this weekend and get back on track.

  5. Anonymous1/11/2013

    Padded dressess??!! Is that because it's so cold in China? they are stunning!

  6. You've done really well to be getting back to normal in a week. Corral is fun!

    Padded dresses are beautiful!

  7. The girls look REALLY tall & slim in the 2nd photo! Have they had a wild growth spurt or is it just the way they are posed?

    1. I think a little of both. They're kind of leaning back against the wall, plus I think they recently shot up because a bunch of their pants are suddenly short.

  8. So totally remember that jet lag thing.....it was about like death. Glad things are getting a little bit better as time progresses. :) Did I tell you that Austin is now in West Oakland, Berkeley and Oakland. His apartment is by Lake Merritt.