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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy birthday TubaDad!

TubaDad celebrated a big one with Mexican food for dinner last night, a handyman who rebuilt his precious tv cabinet, and then breakfast in bed this morn. Breakfast was a tasty little choc-chip bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes – have you tried that place? That cream-cheese deliciousness is the only cake icing our crazy girls will actually eat. Seriously. With any other cake, Ro and Ree sit there and meticulously separate baked good from icing, consuming every crumb of cake while leaving fluffy piles of untouched icing in their wakes. (I, on the other hand, could eat just icing and skip most cakes, so we make a good team, heh). Equine cake decorating was courtesy of Ro and Ree and their fave dollar store. They just adore that place. (Well who doesn’t?)


Can you tell who’s who? Folks who have known them a while will recognize the eyebrow tip off:

Watching their new fave show “Sofia the First.” Have your kids seen it?:

It’s getting to be a tight fit, but the little pink car still logs regular laps around the backyard (along with a scruffy fleet of bikes, scooters, Plasmacars, and rollerskates):

Since TubaDad is only one day older than me, that means my bday is tomorrow. Forty five for us this year – kind of sobering thinking that we’re probably at the halfway point now (or past it...). I’m celebrating with a massage in the morning and then we’re all going out for a family fondue dinner in the evening.


  1. Happy Birthday! 41 this week as well. I found 40 sobering so I hope I find 41 drunkering. Just kidding. I'll be eating pie with my girlfriends and then a night at theater with Greg. Although, I won't turn DOWN champagne! Hope you have a great one and CHEERS!!

    1. Hah, drunkering - I like that!

      Happy birthday Lori. I'm having a Jose Cuervo light margarita right now (really yummy) and saying a birthday cheer in your honor.

  2. Happy Birthday to both the adults and those girls are just way too cute! They sure have grown a lot.

  3. Happy Birthday! I have to agree I found my mid 40's to be sobering as well. I really try to not think about that and just press on. They say it's all in our heads : ) so on that note think like a 25 year old!

  4. Anonymous2/09/2013

    I'm with you on cake icing. in fact, why bother with a cake, just put the frosting in a large bowl and give me a spoon.

    I think Ree is on the left.

    Aah, to be 45 again. It was so long ago :(.

  5. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Do two aquarians not make a fiery, passionate, awesome match?!
    We think so. (1/29 & 2/2)

  6. Happy Birthday, Tuba Dad! Looks like y'all celebrated in style :)

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday to both of you!!! We made another dragon cake yesterday and I thought of you. :)

  8. Hope you both have wonderful Birthdays! Chloe loves Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins. She says they are her favorite favorite ever.

  9. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Happy Birthday you two! Please post photos of the birthday guy and gal - you both look very very young! Wishing you many blessings and many more fun years! And Happy Chinese New Year - what a weekend of celebrations!

  10. Happy Birthday to both of you, what a fun celebration! (hey, same age as us)
    So cute of them squished in that ever popular car, growing so fast. Yes, the eyebrows... Which one has more expressive brows? Many people tell my girls apart from their eyebrows, Sophie has the expressive brows.
    Have a great week-end celebration!

  11. Happy birthday to both of you!

  12. I hope both of you have enjoyed celebrating your birthdays-- wonderful that Ro and Ree are so into celebrating with you! What fun :)

  13. Happy Birthday M3!!!! Your plans sound amazing and relaxing. Cute cute girls!

  14. Happy Birthday to you both! I've read your blog for a while ( found you off of Kristi's blog years ago!)
    Your girls are so cute! Love reading about all your adventures! I also used to love seeing their "Fashion Friday" outfits...my daughter just turned 5 and has some crazy outfit choices when I let her choose!
    I agree, you look super young for 45! Must be the warmer weather out there in CA! We are buried under 2' of snow here in CT! :)

  15. Happy birthday, both of you!