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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A new puppy!

No, not ours, this little darling is BobBob and Wela’s new addition. (Does that make her Dusty’s aunt?) She’s a seven-week old border collie and looks precisely like a fuzzy little bear.


Meet Tippy!DSC_9662LR

Dusty thought Tippy was jolly fun. They were best of friends within minutes (although we’re pretty sure Dusty thought Tippy was an extra-large black-and-white hamster).DSC_9737LR

A rare moment of not moving:

Awww, the nose touch (and probably the only time the two dogs will be the same size. We’re guessing that Tippy will tower over Dusty in a couple of weeks):

Tippy is a huge fan of tug-of-war. Dusty, perhaps not so much:

They were a blur of motion. Play fighting without stop:

The little peeps were busy doing who knows what in the woods. These girls can play with sticks and rocks for hours:
(Ro is on the right in this one, see the dimple?)

Whew. Endless chasing is exhausting. Must be naptime for the pups. Wait, someone’s ready for round three. Look out Dusty!DSC_9740LR

The pups played hard for over hour. Then collapsed and will probably sleep for a week.DSC_9741LR



  1. So cute! Borders are awesome dogs--our Dante is mostly border (with who knows what else since he's a rescue) and has the total border personality. :)

  2. OMG, TIPPY is adorable, and a cute name too!!!! My favorite picture is the third one down where both dogs are being held. There will probably NEVER be a picture like that again because of Tippy getting big, and you will always look at it and be "remember when Tippy was smaller then Dusty?" Congrats to Wela and Bobbob!

  3. Anonymous6/28/2013

    This is such a wonderful post. I loved seeing the two dogs play with one another. I echo Shannon. Borders are wonderful dogs and their movement around a yard is fascinating. They really do patrol a border if kept in a fence yard. I imagine that Tippy and dusty will be lifelong friends.

  4. Anonymous6/28/2013

    Tippy wwoke up looking for her new best friend but she couldn't find Dusty. Must have another play date soon before she gets too big!

    1. Congratulations Wela on Tippy! She is adorable and gives me puppy fever!

  5. Anonymous6/28/2013

    Your new sister is totally adorable, M3. Please keep us updated.
    (The border collie is the breed most frequently ranked as "most intelligent.")

  6. Cuteness beyond measure!

    Our new motto for the week, 'We love our fish, we love our fish!' :o)

  7. Could those pups BE any cuter together?!!! Oh my gosh! :)

  8. Anonymous7/10/2013

    I have to say that the girls are starting to really look different! In the picture of them side by side posing, you can clearly tell who's who. Honestly I wouldn't even think they were twins! Is it just the way they're smiling differently?