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Thursday, March 10, 2005

2nd social worker visit

Our social worker came back over and brought her typed-up report on us (the homestudy). We read through it all and thought it sounded great, so we gave a few edits (like the correct spelling for TubaDad's bro's city) and off she went. We also picked our placement agency this week. They seem really on the ball and we liked all the information they sent out (even a DVD) and everything else we heard about them on newsgroups. Once our homestudy is complete, they'll help us put together our China dossier, then send all of our paperwork off to the govt agency in China who processes all adoptions (CCAA), then we'll wait a really long time (6-7 months), then we'll get a referral and start packing for our trip to China! Our next social worker visit is scheduled for March 19.