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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Yep, we're not criminals

Well we've confirmed it for the second time now, we're not wanted criminals. Good to know. We had to report to the INS Applications Support Center for our second fingerprinting session this morning. They use these cool electronic fingerprinting machines now--no ink. Not sure why we had to do it 2 different times at 2 different facilities. Can't they just send the elec files in to a central processing center and be done with it? Whatever... we're sure this won't be the last weird hoop we jump through in our adoption journey, and at least it didn't hurt (like the Typhoid testing or the tetanus shot! Just a note to everyone, if you go in for a physical and they ask when you last tetanus shot was, DO NOT say "I don't know." The correct answer is "um, about 2 years ago." Now you know.)

By the way, TubaDad had a near death experience at the INS center when he came out to the car and I discovered he had left the briefcase with all of our adoption papers and copies of every single vital and financial statistic on us somewhere in the building.