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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

A rose by any other name... Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Our friend Maggie said her mom thought of some good baby names for us, and it got us thinking that it might be fun to hear what names you all can think of. So leave a comment (or two or three!) and let us know what your favorite names are and why you like them.

(Click on "comments" below, then choose "other" if you want to tell us your name or "anonymous") TubaDad says "no hippie names!" Haha. I guess "Story" and "Skye" are out then. Those are two cool girls I went to grade school with.

Postscript added on 4/10/05: After reading all the awesome comments on this post, we now have a great nickname for the baby. And the new nickname is... drumroll please... Funshine! Thanks Luci-Jo for the cool suggestion. We think it's much better than "the baby" or "peanut" or "junior" and it makes us smile. So there you have it. From now on, when you read about the future addition to the family, you'll be reading about Funshine.