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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shown up by the grandparents -- can you believe it?

Ok, it's official, our folks have now shown us up and proven that they are tougher than I am! We have not yet signed up for our shots. Big surprise. But this week we got email and voicemail from all FOUR grandparents who will be traveling with us telling us that they have gone to the doctor and received their first round of shots for the trip to China. And in addition -- they each informed us in different ways -- they were not sore at all. Ha! When I got my tetanus shot I milked it for at least 3 days. My arm muscle hurt -- really!

TubaDad is trying valiantly to get me to the doctor. Here's an email conversation we had yesterday morning that started when he sent me a meeting request:
TubaDad 9:54 a.m.: Reserve time 4/20 for lunch and shots
Me 9:57 a.m.: I don't like this meeting appointment at all.
TubaDad 9:58 a.m.: It's better than being pregnant...
Me 9:58 a.m.: You've just been waiting to say that, haven't you?
TubaDad 9:59 a.m.: No, it just happened to come in handy!

Can't you just *feel* the smirk in his last email?