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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Help -- my husband needs a taco

Does anyone know how to write "Where can I get a taco?" in Chinese? Because after growing up in Texas, TubaDad can't go more than a few days without mexican food. aardvarksnowboard And I'm thinking that two weeks in China might get a little harrowing. I've been looking around on Chinese language sites and scheming about making little cards with the phrases we'll need the most. I think we'll also need to learn how to say or write "Where is the nearest bathroom?" (I have a bladder the size of a pea), and "Our parents have wandered off, have you seen them?" (self explanatory). Thanks to Stacey for this chinese character web site, and I also found this one that has pronunciations. But even with those, I'm still not finding what I need. I have, however, learned how to write aardvark and snowboard, which I'm sure will come in quite handy! Can anyone help with our critical phrase translation? Or can you think of any other phrases we'll need? Especially ones using the words aardvark or snowboard, since I'm already good to go on those.