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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Great time in Texas (& some tips for the flying-challenged)

Feet! Just got back from Texas where we had an awesome time with TubaDad's kin. Got to meet the new niece in person and hang out with all the kids (young and old). A few highlights of the trip were getting to be one of the frenzied paparazzi at Hannah's first bath, being repeatedly trounced in Horse by Matthew (the 5 year-old basketball star in the family), attempting to teach William how to play frisbee (try explaining "across the body" to a 4 year old), cheering for Matthew's soccer team the Crab Spiders (what the heck kind of a name is that anyhow?), eating BlueBell chocolate covered cherry icecream, having lots of time to talk with everyone in person, holding the beautiful little ruby colored sweater that Linda knitted for her future adopted grandchild from China, getting some great photos for our China dossier, hearing Sarah giggle and say "Aunt M", and lots more.

Since we were only there for 2 days, we only managed to have mexican food twice. Poor TubaDad. Guess we'll have to step it up a little bit this week to meet his minimum monthly intake requirements.

If you fly, follow these 5 simple rules (trust me!)

1. You paid for the seat you're sitting in, not the one in front of you.

2. If you can't stand up unaided, use your armrests or the back of your seat for leverage. Do NOT heave yourself up by grabbing the seat in front of you. (See rule #1 if you don't know why)

3. Do not let your kids kick the seat in front of them. (See rule #1 if you can't figure out why)

4. Don't try to sneak on the plane with 4 massive carry on items. If you can't travel without your deluxe Imelda Marcos shoe collection, just suck it up and check your baggage.

5. Don't douse yourself with your "signature" perfume unless you have a 2 seat buffer between you and anyone else with a nose. Some people are allergic, some people are sensitive, and some people just don't want to smell you. (I know, it's hard to believe).

6. Any other rules anyone can think of? (I'm sure there must be one or two I didn't mention) That's all for now. Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!

(Still no i171-H when we got home. Maybe the INS will send it to us this week so we can send our dossier to China.)