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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hello! This smells like a glimmer of hope...

Ok, I am freakishly calm and composed, but I got this email from our agency today:

Hi! I just spoke to USCIS, she swore the approval is in the mail, I asked her to fax it and she said she could not because it went in the mail to you already. You should have it in just a day or 2, if not make sure you let me know!!

Could it be true? They're not just toying with us now, are they? They're not that sadistic, are they? Anyone care to place a bet on what day we'll get the i-171H? The ante is one fabric square. Tricky huh? See, I win no matter what that way. Heh!

alcatraz In other news: we had a rockin' weekend with bro Bobby and s.i.l. Jane. They flew into town to compete in the insane Escape from Alcatraz triathalon in San Fran. They tore it up! Here they are looking all peppy and impossibly cute afterwards. (Click on tiny pics to see bigger versions.) Jane came in at 3 hrs 2 minutes and Bobby came in at 3 hrs 20 minutes. (No it doesn't bother him, she always wins, and none of his Ironmanly friends can beat her either.)

IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0551mHere we are standing in the streets of SF making fools of ourselves with the multiple shot auto timer. Arranged for your amusement are the 3 views. Hee! This was just after dinner at The Steps of Rome trattoria, which was incredible. Try their ahi tuna carpaccio. Damn, I forgot to take a picture of the tuna. Next time! IMG_0643sIMG_0641sIMG_0639sAfterwards we bolted to officiate at the 36th Annual Speedster Endurance Run. Now those people know how to have fun. Here's dad in his spiffy lime green speedster, here's the two of us (his car rally overalls are slightly more stylish than my official orange vest and traffic pom pom, don't you think?) , and here's dad getting a little sugar (kiss from mom and some icecream) after the grueling race. Take care, and thanks for all the awesome good wishes. Man you guys are great! We're getting close -- I can smell it.