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Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank you sir may I have another?

Ok, no margaritas or cute pictures this time, just the sad email update from our agency yesterday at lunchtime. Here's what our coordinator said:
INS just called me back. She says she never got my FedEx now. I told her I sent it FedEx because they never get anything sent or even hand delivered so I wanted to try FedEx!! She said FedEx can often take a week or more to get to her. Then she said she is leaving for the day and will not be back until Monday and there is nothing she can do until she gets the FedEx and no one can check or help me tomorrow because they are her cases. I will check but I am sure this was received at least at their building, but as she said that does not mean she will get it that day. I feel very bad for you and this other family who has had them lose things about 5 times now, I want to scream!! I will be calling first thing Monday am to get her. I will call every day all day if I have to next week and will insist they fax me the approval also so I can see it is done. I will get back in touch Monday!
So there you have it. We will NOT have our i-171H this week, and who knows if we'll even have it next week. Thanks for all the good wishes and pledges to hate the INS along with us. It really helps (well that and the 199 proof margaritas). xoxo, M3