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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Make sure you have up-to-date shots and papers

blood_testDang, it sounds like I'm talking about a puppy. But no, sadly, I'm talking about me. Our dossier is in critical review with our agency right now. And they called yesterday to say I'll need to get another Hep B antigen test because mine will be a year old on July 18, and China doesn't accept any document over a year old. Okey, doke. This is not a problem for amazingly flexible and calm woman. So I sucked it up and gave more blood this morning before work. Bet you didn't even know about it, did you? That's because I was stoic and mature (this time) and didn't even whine about it to anyone. NOW can I have a kid? The new blood test was marked "STAT," by the way, which sounded exceedingly important and urgent. So I should have the results back to the agency pronto and hopefully won't delay anything. The dossier has moved to translation today and will probably be heading out to China in about a week.