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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Big bad voodoo daddy rocked the winery!

rod and voodoo daddyTubaDad was the best tuba player there! (Well technically he was the only one there, as always, but he was quite popular. You should have heard the slightly inebriated guys in front of us yelling "more tuba!" after they learned that I was married to him. I was so proud.) Click to see a larger image of TubaDad playing his loudest with the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy boys. (Ok, you can't see his face, but you can see the bell of his shiny tuba -- whahoo!) The concert was great, Mondavi Winery was beautiful, our group was comfy cozy sitting in our lawn chairs sipping wine, and we had enough picnic food to feed an army, which is a-okay in my book. I think mom's devilled eggs were the most popular item, as usual. Why don't people of my generation make those? We sure like to eat them. Oh well, I guess that's what you need moms around for. :-) Mom and dad, Claire and Eric, Derek and Susan: thanks for a great weekend! After the concert we drove an hour back to our hotel in Emeryville. (That's right, Emeryville. Sigh. Here's a free travel tip: always book directly with a hotel rather than booking through Expedia or Travelocity. Expedia doesn't "guarantee" your reservation. And they might wait a week and then inform you at 5pm the night before your trip that they're not going to honor your reservation. And by then the entire Napa Valley might be sold out and you have to get a Holiday Inn in Emeryville. Yep, for real. Oh well, no one could steal our joy, we had fun anyway -- lots of it -- and they had an awesome breakfast pizza at the Holiday Inn. Try it!) On the adoption front, the doctor's office got my new test results and faxed them to our agency, and we got an email and voicemail saying that our DOSSIER IS COMPLETE! If TubaDad wasn't napping right now we'd be doing the happy dance. Yessssss! It is totally out of our hands and even I can't find anything to obsess about. They will mail it to China "real soon," whatever that means. I'm choosing to believe it means tomorrow. Heh!