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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Happy fourth of july!

IMG_0073s Ok, you can only eat so much Ahi (I can't believe I'm saying that!) So we went a different route for lunch yesterday and had Pizza Paradiso. Voted best pizza in Maui, and they're not even kidding. Go there! IMG_0091sThe fireworks last night were awesome. We hung out on a local beach down the road from where everyone was watching the big show and the locals brought an arsenal (this is an actual picture I took from where I was alternating between hilarious laughter and cowering on my little grass mat). I swear we were in a war zone. It was so fun. IMG_0102msAfterwards we relaxed on the terrace of our hotel with drinks and dessert and the waitress snapped a quick pic of us. While we were sitting there a really loud disgruntled couple huffed in and complained about everything from their room to their plane reservations to I don't even remember what else. They were hilarious. Everyone else was sitting there sipping awesome fruity drinks, looking out on swaying palm trees, listening to the chirping birds and frogs and this cool singer, and these two were oblivious. It's paradise, man, chill out! Today we're going to attempt snorkeling in the choppy ocean in front of the Ritz. Wish us luck!