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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wow, our luggage somehow tripled in size

DSC_2764msWondering why we're so quiet lately? It's because we've been caught in a terrible exploding suitcase accident and can't get to the phone or computer. Heh!

This sad picture is of the corner of our bedroom. (Yes mom, I know you didn't raise me to be this messy.) This is where everything landed when we got home, and this is where it's been ever since. Oh, and by the way, we had a total of one suitcase and one carry-on between the two of us when we WENT to Maui. So I'm not quite sure what happened. If you examine the picture closely, however, there are a few clues. There are almost too many shopping bags to count, oops. There is a large, arguably unnecessary, Maui Anniversary coconut. And I don't even know how many boxes of macadamia nut chocolates there are (it is slightly embarrassing that they take up their own duffel bag).

Oh well, we sure had a fun trip, and everyone within shouting distance gets some chocolates! Still waiting for the official login date for our dossier in China. We did receive word from our agency on July 5 that the dossier was received in China and delivered to the CCAA. Very cool! Now TubaDad (the official mailer of the house) can relax.

Oh, and I found a cool web site Our Journey to China that you should all check out. It's a couple who is in China right now waiting to meet their twins! Thanks to everyone who sent quilt squares while we were gone (and before that, too). It was thrilling to open the mailbox and find all of those treasures. They are just so very, very cool!

Before I log off and go watch the Tour de France (Go Lance, go Hincapie!), do you mind if I ask a personal question? Are you the type of person who unpacks minutes after returning home, or does your luggage tend to get unpacked on an as-needed basis, like me? Just curious.