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Sunday, July 17, 2005

That's what I call bling!

Saw Natalie Cole in concert up in San Francisco last night and she had on these AMAZING silver sequin pants. They were so bright we squinted when they flashed at us. Wowee! The concert was just ok, by the way. Natalie's voice was beautiful, naturally. But there was one tiny little problem... The event was put on by the San Francisco Symphony, in Davies Symphony Hall. So if you're anything like us you might expect that she'd be backed by at least a few members of the symphony, right? Um, apparently not. A few songs into the concert I realized that TubaDad was looking disgruntled. (Yes he's very effective at non-verbal communication.) It wasn't until about the 6th song that he leaned over and gave voice to the horror: "they're using a synthesizer for all the orchestra and brass parts," he sneer-whispered. Yipes! I bet all of you musicians out there in blogland just gasped, didn't you? Well I was pretty happy just daydreaming about buying some cool shiny pants of my own and listening to the nice songs, but I think TubaDad and probably a few other symphony supporters were thinking "More Tuba!!!" really loud in their heads the whole time. ;-) Did any of you watch the Tour de France this morning? Do I even need to tell you how loudly I was yelling "Go Hincapie"!? Awesome job, dude. Just incredible. Oh, and Lance wasn't too shabby either. Hee! Those fans are maniacs though. I kept picturing my brother there last year running madly next to the bikers in his American Flag cape. Don't try to deny it Bobby, I know you must have done it. Update at 5pm: Oh yeah! Bobby and Jane (little bro and SIL) just emailed me a photo of them with Hincapie. So you know I HAVE to show it to y'all. Here it is. How cool!