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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Our adoption story (as told by poet Christopher Trottier)

So Expectant: Under the Monterey sun "I do" reflected across the beach TubaDad of the tuba-timbre laughter M3 of the siren song eyes They live together on a golf course With two cats Cats are nice But human touch entices -- And biology does not always work So they echoed a thought They pondered and investigated Realized they were drawn to China From there, they would adopt a child Their decision is not easy Last Sunday M3 awoke and said to herself "How will my life change Once I bring my child home?" Meanwhile, a Beijing bureaucrat Decides the impulse of the future There is yearning For an intangible child A distant child Yet a child that is real ~ by Christopher Trottier Web site: The Atomic Poet

My biography is a simple one. I am a 23-year-old man from Vancouver, Canada who currently spends his days on the lower echelon of Payless Shoes but is hoping to break out and paint the world in colour. I love indie rock, industrial design, and hockey. Also, I spent my college years studying religion.

Thank you Christopher, for warmly and eloquently capturing our story. I am so glad that you visited our blog last week and we got the chance to email each other. What a pleasure! Looking forward to reading more of your work, and I hope you'll still have time to answer my emails when your book sales rival Billy Collins'. Best wishes for an amazing future, and for anyone interested in reading more, please visit Christopher's web site.