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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bling it on!

We're back at work and just had to report that we had a very fruitful shopping trip, uh, I mean vacation weekend. While wandering around in a mall down in L.A. we just happened to spy the CUTEST SHIRT IN THE WORLD for Funshine. It cost more than I have ever paid for a tank top in my life, but it was worth it. Click on the picture to see a bigger version and admire the sparkly sequin Cheerios and heart bowl. As a diehard Cheerios fan (grew up on them and still have them every single flippin' day) I am in love with this shirt. If anyone finds it in adult size and doesn't alert me, there will be trouble. The Pageant of the Masters show was incredible -- if anyone ever offers you tickets, knock them over, grab the tix, and RUN to the show. And the Sawdust festival (where local artists exhibit) was so fun. We really liked the work by this guy named Roy Slavin and bought this cool painting from him. It's called "Uphill," and we're also going to have our own naming contest for it. So help us out and come up with a clever alternative title? We're going to make a little plaque with the artist's name, the original title, and our fun title. The ride home on Sunday was uneventful but flaming HOT! Do I even need to say anything else about this temperature reading? Yeah, I didn't think so. PS: Debbie and Keith, Ken and Renae, Nancy and Kelly -- we had a blast with you guys. Wish we could have stayed even longer. Wait, what the hell am I saying, it was like a blast furnace down there. Ha! We'll catch up with you guys again on the next trip -- in the winter this time.