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Sunday, September 25, 2005

All fortune cookies are not created equal

IMG_0534msAre you ho hum on fortune cookies? Think they're all the same and can take 'em or leave 'em? Well we're addicted to them over here, and we have tried them all. And I am here today to tell you that one brand stands out. If you've never tried Hapi fortune cookies, you need to buy a bag today. They actually taste like cookies, instead of sugar-flavored cardboard, and they have decent fortunes. I don't know who's writing their fortunes, but it's not your average Joe cookie writer. Need proof? Well I can't prove the taste on the web here, but I can offer irrefutable proof of the superior fortunes, and here it is: This morning TubaDad was in a hurry getting ready to go play a concert and he grabbed a fortune cookie from the "wrong" bag - one of the brands that had been tasted and found wanting. (Yes in addition to brownies for breakfast we indulge in fortune cookies for breakfast - so what, we have milk with them, ok?). I warned him immediately of course (since I am such a loving wife), and he recklessly ignored my warning and cracked the cookie open to find THIS waiting for him. Bwa ha ha ha!!! After shrieking with laughter and dancing around the kitchen in glee I opened a Hapi bag and handed him a replacement cookie, which contained THIS fortune. Allrighty, I rest my case. Hapi Fortune Cookies - accept no substitute.