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Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm Free!!!

Wow. I am now unemployed. That's right - completely wage-free and on a tight budget. And I'm pretty damn happy about it. Ebullient even. Shouldn't this feel more frightening? More sobering? Or something other than thrilling? Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet. That's probably it. I'll be bargain hunting at Target in a couple of weeks, happier than a pig in mud, and the gravity of the situation will suddenly sink in and I'll be weepy and panic-stricken in the middle of one of those slightly smelly dressing rooms with a broken lock. Oh well, in the meantime I'm walking around loudly and enthusiastically (and not even close to in tune) belting out this song that my litte brother Bobby emailed me. It's by the Soup Dragons:
this is an audio post - click to play
I sang it in the car on the way to my exit interview this morning, and I sang it on the final walk out of the building. The triumphant final walk (seen at right) was hurriedly captured by the purse cam as I waved goodbye. Notice I took TubaDad up on his suggestion to wear shorts and flip flops to the exit interview. Heh! Notice also the zippy new toenail polish that is now nicknamed "Freedom Red."