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Monday, September 12, 2005

But that's just not like her at all...

No funny story or pretty pictures tonight, just a bit of news: After five and a half years, I have resigned from my job and I have no plan. That's right, the biggest type A, control-freak, compulsive list-making, antsy, high-strung blogger on the planet HAS NO PLAN. And I am loving it. For the next 5 months, while we're waiting for our referral, I'm going to breathe instead of stressing, exercise, stop getting migraines, get us and the house ready for the adoption, decorate the nursery (no need to know how to sew, my glue gun is ready), take care of my husband, and start one of the things I've dreamed about doing my whole life: write a book! Whahooooooo! Can you feel the unrestrained joy oozing out of your screen?!!! So give me a shout anytime and I'll be ready for a cup of coffee, a walk, shopping for baby shoes (at the second-hand store of course - come on, you read about the lack of a salary thing, right?) or anything else you fancy. See you soon!