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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Sea creatures are soothing, right?

Have you ever heard of a sea creature theme without too much sea? Well that's kind of what I've been picturing for our nursery. Lime green, orange, yellow, and just a hint of blue, with goofy starfish, seahorses, fish, and seashells. Should work for a boy or a girl, right? After taking the plunge and buying that bureau/chest thing in SLO last weekend, we were now committed (to the theme, not to a nut house). So good friend Maggie and I skipped on down to the local fabric store in search of the perfect material to realize my somewhat warped vision. And we hit the jackpot! Then it only took a couple of hours, one long-distance call to Houston, and some questionable mathematical gyrations to figure out how much to get. (Oh, and I'm thinking we still screwed it up, unless you really do need about 15 yards of material?) The lime green with circles is for the curtains - doesn't it kind of look like fish bubbles? And the stripes are for the crib bumper things - reminds you of waves, right? OK fine, it might be hard to imagine right now, but I've got it all mapped out in my head. (That's what scares Maggie.) So check back in a month or so and it will look much more baby-nursery-ish. I promise. Oh, and Xena down there in the corner? Don't mind her, she's just looking for the rest of the lizard that she left in here for the baby.