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Sunday, September 4, 2005

It never rains in SLO, does it?

Having a great time in San Luis Obispo, my old college town -- wish you were here! One tiny little snag though. When we were packing TubaDad asked me what the weather was like and I said "it's gorgeous, all the time." So all he brought were a couple of t-shirts and some shorts. And now he's freezing his butt off in the morning (foggy) and nighttime (temp drops fast). Eeesh, I feel terrible, and after he cut me that center brownie and all... It's not really my fault, though. We just had so much fun here way back in the (ahem) eighties, that all I remember are beautiful blue skies, warm balmy beaches, wearing tank tops year round, and dancing with friends at the Graduate. And we slept in till noon, so who knew there was early morning fog?! Oh well, we'll find a nice sweatshirt for TubaDad here somewhere, and in the meantime I'm having a great time visiting all the old haunts and enjoying my "nothing but blue skies" memories. Oh, and we haven't forgotten about Funshine either. Yesterday we wandered into the coolest store called Bali Designs and found the perfect piece of furniture for the nursery. It's sort of a small, upright orange and green bureau with some blue fish on the doors. (Yeah, yeah, I'll never get a job writing furniture catalogs...) I'll take a pic later and post it. Right now we're gearing up for brownies and milk for breakfast. Allright! Funniest comment overheard yesterday by man on cell phone: "Yeah the wife and I are down here in Saint Louis Oh Biskoe..." Heh!!! Saddest thing heard: Every news story about hurricane Katrina. My heart goes out to everyone affected. I don't write about news or politics because there are so many better, smarter writers who do, but this is just heartbreaking. Please keep those affected in your hearts and thoughts.