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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Potties and mojitos (yeah I didn't think they'd go together either)

Big day today! Shopping with Stacey Teague and then lunch with the cool adoptive moms on the block. Stacey woke up at the crack of dawn (8am, right?) and met me in the morning for an eye-opening jaunt through Babies R Us. The last time there I walked casually around the store trying to look cool and knowledgeable but fled in a panic when confronted with something like 30 car seats to pick from. 30?! This time I felt smug to have an old parenting pro along for the ride. And Stacey didn't even snicker when I asked why some of the car seats had lost their straps. She just nicely said, "honey, those are booster seats." OH. Well. Yeah I knew that. I guess we don't even need to mention the fact that Stacey had to explain that some of the seats are front facing and some back and some both? I probably would have just picked the one that came in purple and green and gone home bursting with pride. So much to learn... I was able to show Stacey the coolest product on the planet - On the Go Potty. Have you seen this thing? One of those uber moms whipped one out in a park a month ago and I couldn't believe it. It's a miniscule foldable potty with disposable liners, so you never have to throw your child under your arm and sprint for the nearest bathroom or shove beg people to let your toddler cut to the front of the 100 person line at a public bathroom. You just KNOW a mom invented this thing. The NCCCW (Northern California Coalition of Cool Women) lunch was at PF Changs and man did we have fun. We stuffed ourselves with incredibly good food, I tasted tofu (and I apologize to the Texas readers, but it was actually good), some of us had mojitos (um, yes, one of them was mine), and talked so much that it was 3pm before we even looked up. Heh. Thanks to Rhonda, Kelly, and Stacey for a rocking good time. It was great to meet, exchange stories, and hang out with some dang cool women. See y'all again real soon! Oh, and if there are any other adoptive moms in the Bay Area (new, prospective, veteran, whatever) drop me an email and we'll see you at the next NCCCW gathering. Shoot, I'll even buy you a mojito! By the way, in case you thought it wasn't a good idea for me to quit working cold turkey (with absolutely no plan), take a peek at my fortune cookie from lunch today. Uh huh. I just got a high five from a higher authority.