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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My little brother is purdy funny

Bobby and Jane (my insanely athletic bro and sis in law, remember them from this REI ad?) got a new dog this week. And now, in addition to addictively surfing all my favorite blogs, I am racing to my email every time I hear that doy-yoy-yoing alert sound hoping for new puppy pictures! Don't laugh. This dog is world-class cute. And my brother cracks me up with his updates. Here are a couple of samples:
Oct 24: Hey guys -I just spent hours shopping for supplies for our dog. Looks like I picked out just the right bed, as you can see she loves it. :)

Oct 26: Hey guys - Didn't want you to be bored because you didn't get any Harley photos. I learned today that all the shiny, squeaky, expensive, remote controlled engineered toys at the pet store have got nothin on the greatest doggy toy ever invented: An old road bike tire. Hours of fun for the whole family. M and TubaDad, this might be good to keep in mind for Funshine. Jane and I produce a lot of used bike tires. I'd be happy to ship one out. :) By the way are you sorry we got a dog yet? Just wait till we dress her up in a santa suit for X-mas and send you 800 photos.

Bwa ha ha! Now that's good email. Beats the heck out of those email ads for bigger boobs or pleas to help a lady in Nigeria launder her dead husband's bazillion dollar family fortune through my bank account.