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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The referral delays have got me down

I used to be fine with a looooooong adoption process and a 6-month wait for referral. Didn't mind it at all. But, and this is a big but, that was when I thought I knew how long the process was going to take. Now that everything has been turned upside down* and we're delayed at least a month and maybe more, I've lost that lovin' feeling. Last month I was running around telling people I actually loved the wait. That it made me feel peaceful and serene and gave me time to get relaxed and mentally prepared for our new bundle of joy. Ha! That was a bunch of crap. There's nothing peaceful about the wait now. We're all confused and in limbo and no one knows what's happening or when. Nice, huh? Who's feeling serene now? Bleh. Since I quit my job I can't turn to retail therapy to relieve the stress, so I've been indulging my creative side. Here's the progress this week on the nursery: The tiny terry cloth sea creatures arrived in the mail (I am in love with mail order) and have been attached to the valance. I even used thread, not glue, can you believe it?! And I've sketched out the plans for the nursery paintings. Here are the thumbnail sketches. You might notice that these are not your absolutely traditional views of sea creatures. Wouldn't want Funshine to grow up completely normal or anything, right? Heh. Anyhow, here's the first one, hot off the easel this afternoon. It's the tail of a seahorse. You could tell that, right? OK, off to go work on the duck butt painting next and not think about referrals! * If you're not familiar with what's going on, here's the nutshell version: China basically slipped a monkey wrench into the referral process, skipping a whole month without any explanation and hinting that future referrals will be even more delayed. We used to think we'd get our referral at the end of Jan, but now it's looking more like the end of Feb, if we're lucky!