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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Warm sun on your belly goes a long way

On this joyous Thanksgiving holiday, Mango has prepared a list of what he is thankful for:
  • the new office window faces the hot morning sun, ahhhh
  • the horribly disappointing "Adult Fit" cat food that tasted like cardboard has been thrown away
  • the appetizing little birds are finally visiting the bird feeder outside of the office window
  • the fireplace is lit almost every night now that it's cold outside
  • someone is always around for belly rubs
  • the gray cat is very busy stalking lizards and doesn't have time to attack sleeping little orange cats lately
  • can't think any more... too warm. so sleepy...
Have a warm, wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! (and thanks to Donna for helping me figure out the animated gif!)