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Friday, December 16, 2005

The cuisinart has been beaten into submission

Am running a bit behind schedule because of a little trouble with my nemesis, the Cuisinart. The last time I made the cookies, chopping the almonds took forever and a day, so TubaDad said I should just use our food processor. (He loves that thing!) Oh well, what the heck I thought, how hard could it be? Ha!!! After fiddling with it for 30 minutes and attempting to find instructions on the internet I finally had to abandon all pride and beg my neighbor Pam to show me how to get the #$%@! lid off. What a time-saver, huh? Next time I'm just buying them pre-chopped. Oh well, the cookies are all done and I sprinkled them with powdered sugar this time instead of rolling them in it. Much neater and easier to do, and after tasting eight or nine a couple I can verify that they taste exactly the same. So if you're going to make these, that's suggestion #1. Also, I preferred the slight "chunkiness" of last time's handchopped nuts to the food processor nuts. The cuisinarted nuts were so fine that you almost couldn't tell they were in the cookie, I think I made almond flour. So suggestion #2 is to make sure you don't pulverize your nuts. You've probably noticed by now that Xena doesn't like to miss out on anything. Today was no exception. Here she has hauled her 16-pound body up on the precarious skinny garbage can to inspect the cookies. Mango managed to get in the picture too, you can barely make out his foot behind her. No idea what he was doing and I don't want to know. Allrighty, off to make cookie #2. Mmmmm.